Friday, March 14, 2008

I am so thankful

After reading THIS POST on my AOL journal, I realize how truly easy my life has been. I refuse to whine, because I think I've had more of what I wanted than 80% of the people in the world.

I wanted registered Jersey cattle. I've had them.

I've wanted a horse that loved me as much as I loved him.

I've had that.

I wished for a soul mate who would love me throughout my life.

Thanks, Cliff.

I wanted babies. I got two of them, the prettiest babies you ever saw.

Then I wanted grand-babies. I've been blessed to take an active part in the lives of most of them.

If I never had any other wishes granted, I'm as rich as a king (or queen).

I think I might be a millionaire.


Spyder said...

You have a good life.

Toni said...

Amen. You've been richly blessed. And the beauty is, you know it.

Jamie said...

Great way to put it in perspective!