Monday, March 24, 2008

So, cops get special treatment in Independence, Mo.?

I was reading Midtown Miscreant's blog and found THIS.

Disgusting indeed.
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Jamie said...

That is absolutely sickening!

Celeste said...

I linked too.

Mike S said...

Wow!!! They just fired a cop in our state's 'Dreaded City' to the far south of here after 22 years on the job for slapping his wife a 2nd time. (2 times, 1 slap each, 1st suspended without pay 45days and reduction in rank and 3 years probation with special waiver to carry a weapon on the job only) The 2nd time, 18 months after 1st, violated his probation. Got fired, lost pension, lost ability to own firearms, 1 year jail with all but 90 days suspended, 5 years probation, anger management classes required. Wonder what they'd have done here to your state's guy. Cops walk a very tight line here because they ARE who they are.