Friday, March 28, 2008

Libby again

When I'm working Libby in the round pen, not only does she come to me when I lower the whip, but if I walk around, she follows close behind. We had a great, relaxed session today.

The horses aren't on the main pasture yet because the grass hasn't really started growing. It has indeed been a long winter, because normally by now there'd be plenty of pasture. Usually if I'm not pressed for time, before I take Libby out with the rest of the horses, I let her nibble at what grass she can find in the yard. She loves this.

Today I figured I'd turn her loose in the section that we hay once a year in spring, before we use it for pasture. You can see by the pictures our grass isn't growing much, but there's some green there. Horses have teeth that can tear grass off if there's only a quarter-inch showing.

For some reason, Libby wasn't enthusiastic about the pasture grass. We've had the calves on this section, and they're picking at it all the time. Oh, she'd taste it. But for the most part, she followed me around like she had done in the round pen. I wanted to take some pictures of her, but it was hard to get far enough away from her to get a whole-body shot. If I trotted (believe me, I don't trot much), so did she.

I think I have a friend.


Diane J. said...

I think you have a friend, too! Just think of her as a overgrown puppy, huh? One that weighs several hundred pounds and has big feet, LOL!

Is the grass any longer down by the river? Have you ever tried riding Blue and leading Libby? Maybe you can lead Libby to some longer grass and get her used to being outside the fences....

Have a great weekend, Donna. Although it's turned off cold again, and colder there in MO I think.



Midlife Mom said...

I don't trot much any more either. My trotting days are over although my bad knee is much better since I took the header off my horse last September. Go figure! We think the fall somehow knocked the fluid off the knee but who knows!

Spyder said...

She's a beautiful girl!

Muhd Imran said...

I think you and Libby are going to have a wonderful friendship.

Horses are definitely better than hamsters because they live longer than 2 years.

I remember the last time we rode a horse was when we were somewhere in Fresno, CA. That was more than 10 years ago. Wow!

One question if you don't mind. Do you bury or cremate a dead horse? It would be a big grave.

Our Son just buried Andy, his hamster under a palm tree beside our block a few days ago.

In fact, we had a few more hamsters from HamsterVille buried under the same tree too. We have called that particular tree a CemeTree.

Have a great weekend. Spring is a wonderful season.

Celeste said...

I think you have one too. She is telling you please never send me away again!