Thursday, March 20, 2008

Union Station and Bodies Revealed

Some of my readers wondered what Cliff and I thought about "Bodies Revealed".

We found it quite interesting to see how the different systems of the body do their jobs. Cliff worked in a butcher shop for twenty years, so he has a better-than-average knowledge of how the inside of a body works (the insides of a pig work pretty much the same as the insides of a human). He complained about it costing $50 to see the exhibit, but I believe he got his money's worth. At least he stopped complaining, once we'd seen it.

We were surprised at the size of the crowd present on a Wednesday morning; and as we were leaving, there were more people lined up and waiting. Sometimes it was hard to see a display because of other people crowded around it, and there were the usual unruly children you see at any event like that. Still, it was worth seeing.

We're such hicks, we got lost in Union Station and had to ask a nice gentleman who works there how to find our way out. Turns out we needed to go up another flight; we were on the wrong level. ("Golllleeee, Uncle Jed!")

I also did an entry on my AOL journal about our trip to the city.


Ambitious Fledgling said...

lol Glad to know it wasn't creepy at all..

Spyder said...

You two make a cute couple!

Have a Blessed Easter!

Anonymous said...

$50.00 !!!! Wow I had no idea it cost so much! Guess I won't go.