Saturday, March 01, 2008

I think I like this saddle

The saddle I use when I ride is an old Circle Y; I bought it used from a tack store when I first bought Blue because I had gotten rid of my old saddle when I sold my previous horse, thinking I was done with horseback riding. I know, how shortsighted of me. When I think of what I would have missed had I not found Blue, it staggers the imagination.

Anyhow, the old Circle Y is made for a large person. The seat is something like 18 inches. I probably could do nicely with a 16-inch seat. And the Circle Y is so heavy you just can't imagine. Cliff says it probably weighs seventy-five pounds, at least. So it isn't easy to hoist up on Blue's back.

Since the grandson came to stay here, I've used his saddle a lot; he has no use for it anyhow. It fits me better and is much, much lighter. It's what I used yesterday when I rode.

This morning I was reading the horse forum on Homesteading Today (the link is over on the right with all my links), and came upon this thread, "Let's talk about saddles". That got me looking at these "natural ride saddles", and by george, I think I may end up with one of these!

It's cheap, it's affordable, it's light-weight.

In the past, I've had experience with what they call "saddle pads". They leave plenty to be desired; I'd even say they are downright dangerous.

But after reading about somebody's positive experience with this natural-ride saddle, I'm thinking this is much more than a saddle pad.


Midlife Mom said...

I have an old Circle Y saddle too and that thing is heavy! I like it though as it fits me well and fits my two wide at the withers horses. Would like something lighter especially for the summer. Have been taking care of 12 horses this week and I am getting lots of exercise! Yikes! Wouldn't want that job all of the time but the stable owner is still having eye surgery trouble so we are helping out. Now I'm going to go check out that link.

Astaryth said...

I have one of those 'bareback pads' you are talking about. It's basically a saddle pad with a cinch attached and a handle on it. I have to agree with you, in some circumstances, with the wrong horse, it could definitely be dangerous.

I like how that one looks though. The fact that it has bars so it will stay in place on the horses back looks to make it more stable. If you get one you'll definitely have to post a review on it. I'm not in the market for a new saddle (I have a synthetic western saddle that's really light), but might change my mind if you really liked it ;p

Stacey said...

Aww Donna I've missed coming over too! I've been so darned focused on homeschooling and digi design I've neglected my friends!

By the way, I kinda want one of those saddles too! And I don't own a horse. But still, it looks very user-friendly! xo

Average Jane said...

All this talk about riding is making me miss owning a horse. I'll have to figure out somewhere to go trail riding this spring!