Tuesday, March 18, 2008

My mornings are lacking something

Due to my reading this blog, I bought myself a fairly cheap coffee grinder at Walmart (if you call $20 + cheap).

Oh my goodness, that was some wonderful coffee.

Unfortunately, the grinder stopped working after about two months.

I'm reduced to drinking run-of-the-mill Folgers each morning.

No words can express how I miss my cheap coffee grinder. Don't tell Cliff, but I'm considering buying a hand-driven coffee-grinder. I think they cost upwards of $80, but at least there's no electric motor to stall out.


Diane J. said...

I like to grind my own beans, but I've gotten lazy and enjoy the convenience of the already ground Folgers Columbian.

If you lived close enough you could ride your cycle over here and and I'd just give you my grinder. It's a Walmart special but it's still going strong.

I actually like the hand grinders better. I think the coffee is better from them, because the electric grinders sometimes scorch the coffee and you can't always get them really clean, at least the one I have is really difficult to clean.

Anonymous said...

By all means take that coffee grinder back.95% of what Wal Mart sells will quit in a couple of weeks. As long as people put up with it, it will continue to be like that. I am about fed up with Wal Mart. Problem is there is no place else to go around here. And now, Guess What? they are building a Sam's Club here.

Rachel said...

I'd take it back too. Two months is not very long at all.

If you love your coffee that much then spending the $80+ might be worth it! Cliff probably won't mind.

Ariel said...

You should definitely upgrade. Once you experience freshly-ground coffee, there's no going back. :)

meesha.v said...

buy some old "made in America" grinder on ebay.