Sunday, March 02, 2008

A windy motorcycle ride

We had some shopping to do: Sadie's Science Diet dog food was $10 off at Orschelns, so we got to actually use the new trailer. Cliff said he still can't even tell it's back there when we're on the move. The wind is bad today and makes for a miserable bike ride. I'll see about riding the horse pretty soon; wind doesn't bother him.

Yes friends, that temperature reads 72 degrees.

Sure is nice to be riding again. It's been a long, long winter.


Midlife Mom said...

72* eh??? How about -10* with a foot and a half of snow?????lol! Actually it's beautiful today and we went snowmobiling for about 4 hours. Just gorgeous out there especially in the woods with the trees all laden with the fresh snow. I do think we will have snow till July though.

Muhd Imran said...

What a beautiful sight. No wonder you both love to ride in the open on a bike.

Definitely fresh air as compared to the concrete jungle we are living here.

Always love wide open spaces. The heart feels free of all stress and burden.

Thanks for sharing.

Jamie said...

Yeah for the nice weather! We enjoyed our weekend outside. It's hard to believe it's back to being nasty and cold outside!