Thursday, March 13, 2008

I love Kansas City

I think that as I grow older, anything that reminds me of my lost youth is treasured.

So I love Iowa, although I was so young when I left there I barely remember what it was like. After all, it's where I first started school in a one-room schoolhouse. (I'm second from the back in the right-hand row.)

And I love Eagleville. I'm old enough to remember quite a few things about that little town: although if I went back now, very few people would know me, and I'd know fewer of them.

As much as I hated to move to Kansas City when I was in the sixth grade, the memories of laying on a bed in an apartment in Harlem and staring across the river at the skyline, homesick for the country are as strong as though it happened yesterday. Oh how I enjoyed watching the changing colors of the Kansas City Power and Light building. And that huge coffee can atop the Folgers building. I can't help loving Kansas City.

After traveling through Atlanta and Dallas, I realize our Kansas City skyline is pathetic by comparison. But my heart still skips a beat when I see it when we're heading toward the city from the east by way of I-70.

Harlem is still in my blood. That's where I first fell in love with the Kansas City skyline.

I guess it's just an old age thing.


Fenridal said...
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kansas crochet mom said...

I love Kansas City too! I am from Kansas and could spend hours there. A great place to go to is the Marble Moon Factory. Its a just a little bit outside of Kansas City but worth the drive. The cheesecake factory is the bomb too! Oh there is so much to do there!

Stacey said...

There's a coffee can on the Folgers building? Really? I didn't know that! And how long have I lived's shameful. Thanks for the heads up! xo