Friday, April 13, 2012

We are officially senile.

A granddaughter called from school this morning saying she forgot to take $5 to school that she needed today.  She talked to Cliff and explained where the $5 was in her home.  He doesn't hear well, and wasn't understanding exactly where the money was, so he handed me the phone.  (We have a key to our daughter's house.)  
So the granddaughter proceeds to explain to me where the money is, so we could go pick it up and take it to her.  Just as I was beginning to figure out the location of the $5, her teacher told her, "Never mind.  I will loan you the $5 and you can pay me back on Monday."  
Later I realized how foolish we must have seemed to the granddaughter's teacher.  Good grief, it was only five bucks.  Why would a grandparent not take the cash out of his/her own billfold and take it to the school?  
Why didn't we think of that?  
Yes, my friends.  We are officially senile.


  1. I finally remember to leave money for her, AND tell her where it is, and she forgets it. Sheesh. LOL

  2. Hee hee, join the crowd. Sometime we amaze ourselves.

  3. This is a very funny story, Donna. I think we all get fixated on things and don't even realize that there might be other solutions. lol

  4. I was thinking it, but didn't say a word. LOL Done similiar things myself, though. Being a GRANDPARENT is a special job. Take care.

  5. I'm laughing with you! Not at you for sure. I've been there and done the same many times. Not money for a granddaughter, but similar things. We get so focused on one thing we are blind to the simple solutions right in front of us.


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