Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Why is Iris (the dog) growling?

This is my first iris of the season.  It finally managed to open up that lovely bloom.  
Yesterday evening I saw on the news that there were frost warnings for my area.  My poor flower!
When I went out with Iris (the dog) this morning, she went into the defensive mode:

Growling, hair on her back standing up.  And why?  

Because I had put Walmart bags over any iris (flower) that was even the tiniest bit opened up.  There was a stiff breeze blowing, which made the bags move.  Iris (the dog) thought we were surrounded by aliens.  Of course, the fact that the wind is blowing means there will be no frost, but I'm not removing the bags until the temperature starts going up.  It's thirty-seven degrees as I type this.  

Iris backed off a little, continuing to growl.  

My green beans are up, so Cliff lent me some old blankets from his shop to lay over them.  

I only have one tomato plant out, so I covered it with a milk jug.  My daughter has saved several of them for me; I'll use them in various ways to protect my tomato plants (when I get more) from frost and stupid robins.  Last year robins literally ate the leaves off my tiny tomato plants.  
Most of the vegetables in my garden are able to stand a frost, or even a freeze.  
In another hour or so I'll remove all the protective devices from my flowers and garden.  


  1. We've had several nights of frost here as well. I hope it doesn't do too much damage to my plants!

  2. We had snow here. Our iris plants have buds. But we didn't cover them. Hopefully they'll survive. Crazy weather we are having in April but not unusual. Nothing will be planted here until May. Hope your Wednesday is a warmer and sunny one!

  3. The flower is beautiful. Our Jake used to get upset at strange things in the yard. He didn't like things to be covered at all. Once he was giving a scared bark and growl. I hurried to the back glass door and there was huge Iguana about 3 or 4 feet eating clover just minding it's own business. It got carried to the museum then we found out it came from two streets in back of our house. The yard was fenced so I have no idea how it got there unless it did climb over the fence.The owners went and got it. It had been missing about 3 weeks. Helen

  4. Those pesky Walmart bags. Always running around and scaring our poor dogs. I let DJ out one morning and she got down the steps and stopped, all of her fur bristling and growling like there was a bear in the yard. I ran out there and it was a Walmart bag caught in the fence and blowing in the breeze. Dang near skeert me to death!

  5. Our little dog does a fast sideways run when she is let out and the wind blows the grill cover. This is the same dog that will bark at a huge dog like she is twice as big as they are...ha. Take care, Sheila

  6. If we had a frost in April, I'd be growling, too. I hope all your plants survive.

  7. We once had a German Shepherd that would suddenly take notice and react to the darndest things - a jug of apple cider on the kitchen counter, my robe thrown on the bed and, most bizarre, a hanging plant that had been there his entire life. He would also hide in the bathtub when the nearby military base was having war games.
    Plastic bags are used as lures in dog coursing.

    We once lived in a house with hundreds of iris plants. They were easy to maintain (California) but the blooms never lasted long enough.

  8. I hope you did not lose your plants. We had frost too. I took my container herbs inside. Then we did not have anyplace to walk. LOL POOR Iris wondering what's going on. Take care.

  9. Anonymous11:15 AM

    I did not realize you had such close neighbors. I thought you were in the middle of 40 acres like me.


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