Wednesday, April 04, 2012

What say you?

I've always loved to hear Ray Boltz sing the wonderful Christian songs he wrote.  My favorite is "The Anchor Holds".  It's a song that helped me through many difficult times.

Another favorite is "Thank You".

These are obviously songs straight from the heart.  
Well, as all my readers probably know by now, I sort of backslid for three or four years when it comes to church attendance; maybe that's why I had not heard the news that Ray Boltz came out as gay, back around 2008.  
So, what do we do with this glorious, heartfelt songs?  Do we toss them out and never sing them because a gay man wrote them?  
What do we do with the man who, I'm pretty sure, meant what he said when he wrote and sang these songs?  
I don't want to be controversial, but I just cannot toss out either the man or his songs.  I believe he was, and is, sincere.  I believe his life WAS changed, as he said in the song.  
But that's just me.  If God wants to toss him out, that's up to Him.  I'm not telling Him what to do.
And now, back to regular programming.


  1. It's not OUR place to throw him out or not. Thank goodness we have a loving Lord.I work hard not to judge, My Lord has the hard job, I just feel bless he loves me so.

  2. God made him the man he is. The songs he wrote are heartfelt. They soothe the soul. That is all that matters. Take care.


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