Monday, April 02, 2012

Life goes on

I haven't been posting as often as usual, I know.  For one thing, I usually do my blog entries in the wee hours of the morning; this time of year, I have no desire to sit at a computer during the best part of the day, which in my opinion starts when I hear the earliest bird singing outside and lasts until the sun has totally shown itself above the eastern horizon.  In order to get the full benefit, I am outside with my coffee for at least an hour each morning.  When I finally come inside, poor Cliff is languishing in bed yearning for coffee, having been calling my name in vain for many grueling minutes.  So far his caffeine addiction has not forced him out of bed to make his own coffee.  
Saturday we rode to Jamesport, our favorite Amish settlement.  I got on the Triple A site and mapped a new route.  Toward the end we got off course, but it was a lovely day and an enjoyable ride all the way. As you can see, that nasty smudge is back on my camera.  

While we were eating dinner at the Mennonite restaurant, a cute little girl decided to play peekaboo.  I love the fried chicken at this place; it tastes EXACTLY like my mom's fried chicken.  I eat it and I am a kid again.  
Some have inquired about my daughter:  Right now she is playing the waiting game.  She has an appointment with the plastic surgeon Wednesday.  After that, hopefully they will get her scheduled for surgery.  
Also, some of you have asked questions about Titan, my grandson's great Dane:  Actually, he's doing much better on his medication.  They are trying to keep him from playing too roughly, per the vet's instructions.  Someone asked how old he is... he's a puppy, really, all 120 pounds of him; I think he's ten months old.  The thing that causes these dogs trouble is that they grow too fast for their bone structure, and if they are too active between the ages of six months and one year, it can mess up the hip bones or sockets or some such thing.  
In my yard, the iris are getting ready to strut their stuff.  
We missed Church for two Sundays, but got back in the swing of things yesterday.  We both agree that going to church and getting together with a group of neighbors on a regular basis actually defines the coming week.  And to think the thing that got us back to church was a casual statement by a Facebook friend I hardly know who actually doesn't attend church regularly, as far as I know.  
I've decided to rethink my plans for my next dog:  I will start with a mongrel puppy and nip any strange hangups in the bud.  I will (grudgingly) make it an outside dog, because that would make Cliff very happy, and I will hope and pray it doesn't get hit by a car on the highway.  I'll be careful what breeds are in its background (no collie or sight-hounds), because then I won't have to pay a vet for that expensive heartworm and flea preventative.  I will do what I did with Mandy and give it Ivermectin by mouth once a month.  Works just fine, as many experienced coon-hound breeders have told me.  My only expenses will be dog food and the occasional vaccines.  
I told Cliff my plan and he said, "Well at least wait until we're back from vacation."
I told him I am not really planning on getting a puppy right away.  I still have psycho Iris around.  The only way I would take on a puppy before Iris is gone is if a cute one came to my door by chance.  
Local folks, this is not an invitation to drop puppies off at my house.  Just so you know.


  1. Mmmm.... Fried chicken. I haven't had decent fried chicken in years. Believe it would make me feel like a kid again, too.

  2. ....and people say 'ewwww' when I say I want a hairless cat. At least there won't be cat fur floating in my coffee in the AM!

  3. Sounds and looks like an awesome day! No more dogs for us; they tie us down too much. Even cats can be troublesome.

  4. Donna, we were just there over Spring Break and sat in that same booth! Sure is a neat community. We enjoyed seeing all the horse buggies and shopping at their local farms. We got cheese/butter and all kinds of bulk goods.


  5. I love fried chicken too and now you have made me hungry for it. I guess I'll have to make some. I rarely eat out here and I haven't found a restaurant that makes good either. I do have chicken in the freezer. First I have to finish the meat loaf from the weekend. Glad Titan is doing better. That is good news! Waiting isn't easy and I'm sure your daughter just wants it over at this point. You all are in my prayers every day. It's too cold to sit outside here now with my morning coffee. It will come...

  6. Ahhhh... listening to the birds sing and watching the sun rise - how nice.

    Getting out for good food, enjoying church, anticipating a new dog - it all sounds good.

    May the blessings continue to flow.

  7. How about free cats. I can set you up.
    This Cliff agrees with the other Cliff about outside dogs but in our case my wife and I agree on this. It might have something to do with her grooming 10 to 12 dogs everyday amd taking care of 30 boarders. At night she doesn't want to see one in the house. Outside is great but not inside.

  8. I hope the meds continue to work for Titan, and I hope your daughter is doing well.


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