Saturday, April 07, 2012

Patiently waiting for birds and blooms

Even though the ruby-throated hummingbird isn't expected in Missouri till mid-April at the earliest, I went ahead and put a hummingbird feeder out.  Everything else has been early this year, why not the little hummers?  Who ever heard of harvesting morel mushrooms in March?  Of course I realize mushrooms don't look at the calendar:  they only heed ground temperature.  
I also put the Baltimore Oriole feeder out ahead of time, with grape jelly on it.  I only got well acquainted with them last year.  I hope they return.  They don't hang around long, but they sure brighten up the yard while they're here.  The goldfinches are a bright yellow now, and they are always around.

This iris has been threatening to bloom for a week, but so far nothing.  I lecture it every time I walk past.  

The dwarf lilac has almost opened up its blooms.  The giant lilac bushes around here are all in full bloom, but not this baby.  
There is a slight chance of a frost tonight.  Most of the vegetables in my garden that are up won't be harmed by a frost.  I do have a row of green beans I planted from last year's seed, but rather than try to cover them for protection, I think I would just replant.  There is one tomato plant set out so far; I will cover it if the threat of frost continues.   

When we moved back here into the trailer house, Cliff's sister moved into our old house.  One of the first things she had Cliff do after she moved here was to put up a clothes line.  There had been a clothes line in times past, but when I was working full-time I didn't use it much, and Cliff got tired of mowing around it; so I told him to take out the poles if he wanted to.  
Well, obviously I don't have a job now, and since there was a clothesline in Rena's yard, I decided to make use of it.  It's quite a trek over there if you are carrying a basket of wet clothes, but I put the basket in a little red wagon and hauled the clothes that way.  I never complained about this.  I was just glad to be able to save a little on electricity.  Oh, every once in awhile I would lose some underwear from the top of a basket of dry clothes, but somebody always noticed it and retrieved it.  
I guess Cliff felt sorry for me having to take my laundry all that distance, because last week he put up a clothesline in our back yard.  
I told him it wasn't necessary, but I have to admit it's nice to just step right out my own back door and hang up my laundry.  If you wonder what that green object in the foreground is, it's an inflatable ball that Iris killed; the grandson and Heather brought it out for Titan to play with, and it didn't last ten minutes.  You can't even turn my dog loose with a football.  She will chew and chew until she finally gets a hole in the thing and then do her best to destroy it.  
I must go make a pumpkin pie.  Actually it'll be a squash pie, because that's what I have in the freezer.  Last time I made a squash pie, picky granddaughter Amber ate a piece and said, "Now THAT'S what pumpkin pie should taste like!"  
Someone informed her it was squash, and I thought there for a minute she was going to puke.  After pronouncing it perfect, she was aghast that she had been tricked.  


  1. I have seen iris blooming around here, but mine don't even have any blooms on them yet. That's a good thing because we may still get some frost.

    LOVE squash pie!!!

  2. I loved the smell of things dried by the sun..It's been years since I had a clothes line and I do miss it. Flower wise my Iris and Lilacs look about the same as yours. We've really cooled down here and so far March was much warmer than April.

  3. Our hummers came a little early this year. I have a clothes line but don't use it all time because of the sticker burrs we have here. It is nice to have it when I want it though.

  4. Haven't seen any hummers yet this yr, but I'm with you.. why not? Everything else is SO early. And yes, I covered my 3 big tomato plants again tonight.. one never knows! Wouldn't it be great to have our tomatoes super early too? Let's hope :) Enjoyed catching up here, Donna! Happy hoppy Easter!! -Tammy


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