Tuesday, April 24, 2012


As in years past, I've been clearing the bluebird house almost daily of sparrow's nests.  I kept at it last year until the sparrows finally gave up and the bluebirds moved in.  This morning I opened up the bird house, pulled out a sloppily-built half-a-sparrow's-nest, and with it came a dead bluebird.  
I could have cried.  This is just one more reason why I hate English sparrows.  
The poor bluebird had been pecked unmercifully about the head by sparrows until it died.  If you've ever looked at a dead bluebird closeup, the bright blue color is amazing.  
On a brighter note, we picked up my daughter and brought her home with us to spend the day.  I totally enjoyed having her here, even while she was napping in a recliner.  Just to show my support, I took a nap in my recliner, too.  
The kittens have been branching out on their journeys and have mostly moved into the main part of the barn, rather than my milking area.  The problem is that they don't seem to recall how to get back to their old home to their food and water.  I helped them return today.  I'm sure they will soon learn to make their way back.  
Cliff put the alfalfa hay in the barn today.  Alfalfa hay has a unique smell unlike anything else.  It's something you can forget for years, but when you get wind of it finally, you know what it is.  Sorta like billy goats.  
I didn't see any hummingbirds today, but if they came around, they would have been deterred by the stupid woodpecker who has decided the hummingbird feeder is his private bar.  


  1. It's great that you got your daughter over to spend the day with. Taking naps is not a bad thing at all. I never heard of a woodpecker liking the hummingbird feeder before. We do have a few woodpeckers that usually go to the suet cakes we have out just for them.

  2. A SHAME about the BLUEBIRD. Rotten sparrows, indeed. That nap your daughter and you took sounds just like the ones we have here after lunch. NICE for sure. I'm surprised the kitties got lost from their food and water. Glad you helped them navigate. Hope your hummingbirds come back. take care.

  3. I'm sure you've been aching to have her around--and a communal nap sounds great!! Hope she's feeling better. I can't watch Animal Planet with my husband sometimes because my heart is broken seeing the killing of animals by other ones. I know it's natural, but I don't have to like it!


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