Thursday, April 19, 2012

Have I been sounding negative?

I hope nobody gets the idea that I think my daughter won't kick this cancer thing.  That is the farthest thing from my mind.  I've seen too many people, some with really horrible cancer, come out the winner.  
I just wish she didn't have to go through all the stuff you have to endure to get rid of cancer.  I do realize that chemo isn't as bad as it used to be.  Also, I'm not even sure she will have to have chemo; all I know is, she has a port.  It's like I said before, she just doesn't have time for all that junk.  

I should probably explain what my grandson meant when I quoted him in the previous entry, because it wasn't a disrespectful thing.  He meant that I don't give a... let's say hoot, yeah, that works... I don't give a hoot about appearances, especially mine.  I run around in faded sweats or T-shirts and really don't care who sees me.  Sometimes I need to be reminded to comb my hair.  I've never bothered with makeup.  Cliff follows me around constantly keeping the size tags shoved inside my shirts so they're not hanging out for the world to see, like the tags on Minnie Pearl's hat.  
It's this same attitude that allows me to live in an old mobile home and be content, as long as I can look out and see God's creation.  I just don't care about the things that most people worry over.  None of that "stuff" seems important to me.  
I have embarrassed Cliff a time or two when people would be gushing over a new house, showing pictures of every nook and cranny and sharing all the details, and I failed to show any excitement.  I just can't get excited over a house.  If you want to see enthusiasm out of me, let me see your new Nook or Ipad.  Give me a new computer and I won't leave the house for days.  Show me a bargain price on a gentle, bred Jersey cow... that will get me off the computer and on the road.    
I also get excited, as you've probably noticed, when one of my flowers blooms, or when somebody gives me a mess of morel mushrooms.  
I have strange priorities.  But when it comes to certain things, I DO give a... hoot.  


  1. Anonymous7:57 AM

    Donna I love the way you live your life. I dress to be comfortable, & live in a mobile home. I could be happy in a cave as long as I have Johnny beside me, & my kids are healthy, but then in a cave I couldn't have my computer to keep up with your blogs so I guess I will stay in my mobile home. I say be happy with each gift God gives.

  2. No you haven't sounded negative..I think how you are is fine. You are what you are. And your OK with that. I like that in a person. No sugar coating bull hocky.
    Take it or leave it.
    This is me..

    So your all good.. No worries :-)

  3. You have every right to feel however you want.. That's your baby girl and as a mom we never stop worrying or loving them.. Your worried which is normal and you hate that you can't do a thing to help her.. I totally get it...

  4. Nope, I never once thought of you as a negative person. I understood exactly what you meant with out any further explanation. Your thinking and mine are a like in a lot of different ways. Two like minds tend to think the same way. Hope your Thursday is a great one! I'm thinking things can only get better from now on.

  5. I see nothing wrong with your priorities! I feel the same way! You enjoy the little things in life, & I do the same thing!! I don't get excited over the BIG THINGS either. I'm prayin for Rachel & you all for that matter!

  6. Everyone has different priorities, dear. And I don't think anybody thinks yours are wrong. You live a good life for you and you shouldn't give a hoot what anybody else thinks.

  7. Donna, please don't think you have to worry about how you "sound" on your blog. Life deals us a hand sometimes that is hard to "sound" positive about. I agree... no one should have to go through cancer & I don't think any mother should have to watch their child deal with it either. Being here, saying what you need to say, & typing out your feelings is cathartic for all of us who blog.

    You type & we'll read, Donna. Please don't worry how any of it "sounds".

    Blessings~ Andrea

  8. Sending prayers for Rachel and the family. If I wanted a new house I would certainly come up short. I'm just an old country girl.

  9. No explanations needed. You are YOURSELF. That's why we all LOVE you and your blog. Your daughter is a fighter. She will prevail. Take care.

  10. Hey DOnna, I too go around in old shirts and old pants around te hopuse and hter have been days when I did not briush my hair too! I do wear a little makeup to work but at home, never! love you my friend!

  11. You are an amazing woman. I love your philosophy of life and what you value as important. Treatments for cancer have come a long, long way.

  12. I didn't think you sounded negative at all. You sounded natural! And Donna, I personally think you have your priorities straight!


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