Saturday, April 07, 2012

Coloring Easter eggs

I mentioned yesterday on Facebook that I miss coloring Easter eggs, and thought no more about it.
Cliff and his sister went to a family gathering in Versailles today; I opted to stay home, since I made an eleventh hour decisions to cook an Easter dinner.
I did a little cooking and cleaning, and then got side-tracked cleaning my computer keyboard.  Good grief, I am SO ashamed at the mess I found underneath the keys.  Hairballs, dust bunnies, and even a needle from a past Christmas tree.  Unbelievable that it even worked, with all that gunk in there.
As I was doing that, I heard my daughter's voice saying, "Anybody home?"
She, three granddaughters, and an adopted granddaughter, Heather, had come to my house to make sure I got to color some Easter eggs.  She also brought me a box of candy.
Here's a slide show of pictures I took, although I really regret I didn't go to the other side of the table and get a picture of my oldest granddaughter's face.  What was I thinking?  At least you get a side view of her in the first picture.
You will see one picture where Cliff is coming in, catching us in the middle of our Easter fun.

Thanks, Rachel, for the wonderful surprise.

Ah, my daughter also took picture of this event, and she had several that included my oldest granddaughter, Amber.  So I'm adding one of them here.

Plus, you get to see me taking part in the activities... AND my unmade bed in the background.


  1. Thanks for sharing your nice surprise with us. It's one thing I miss too, Having family around to do things like that is wonderful. Happy Easter!

  2. The egg table looks neat and well-organized. I like the egg-dying tradition - - and the smell of vinegar always reminds me of it.

  3. I miss the egg dyeing too--as well as the Easter baskets. :( What a wonderful surprise!!

  4. Ooh, i did this today helpers were nephews, all LITTLE boys, ages 3, 2.5 and almost 2. Now THAT was a workout! Each one had an adult helper and we all wore some dye...thank goodness for newspaper to catch all the spills and a camera to capture all the smiles!

  5. WHAT a delightful afternoon. The girls look quite intent on working on this project. That looks like alot of eggs you all colored. Are you having an Easter Egg hunt too? ENJOY! I'm about to sit down and do mine. HAPPY EASTER Donna.

  6. And it looks like a good time was had by all. Happy Easter!

  7. Bravo! What a wonderful way to spend the afternoon.


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