Friday, April 27, 2012


I have a woodpecker with a drinking problem.  Seriously.  He hits the hummingbird feeder many times each day.  I don't know how he gets a taste of the nectar, but he does:  He lowers his beak to the tiny openings, then lifts his head up and smacks his lips.  Maybe his tongue fits in there, I don't know.  

Of course, he scares off any hummingbirds drinking from this fountain of life.  At least I have another feeder about three yards from this one, so they can drink there unmolested.   

Hyperblogal David has been having his usual fun.  I especially like this photo, though, because Jack and the Beanstalk was one of my favorite stories in the Hans Christian Anderson fairy tale book my sister gave me for Christmas when I was about seven years old.  I sure wish I still had that book.  There's just something about the phrase "they lived happily ever after" that sticks with a person.    

Other favorite fairy tales were: the one about the princess at the top of a glass mountain; Rapunzel; Rumplestiltskin; and the guy who killed seven with one blow (seven flies, that is).  


  1. Bad woodpecker...find another bar! LOL

  2. That's one thirsty woodpecker. Perhaps you put out a birdbath to divert the woodpecker from the hummingbird nectar. Maybe you already have a birdbath outside....In that case, empty the water and fill it with cheap whiskey.

    As for fairy tales - - Hans Christian Anderson wasn't bad, but those Brothers Grimm scared the hell out of me.

  3. When John's oldest sister's husband caught her buying whiskey she told him she put a little in the humming bird feeders because they like it. lol Now the name of the story is Cliff And The Beanstalk.

  4. I always liked Rumplestiltskin too!

    Strange woodpecker!

  5. That woodpecker has a SWEET TOOTH, for sure. Feel sorry for the hummingbirds since he's taken up residence. WHAT to do is the question? Don't know what to tell you. I LOVED Jack and the Beanstalk too. Climbing high into the clouds was quite appealing. take care.

  6. Just don't fall for any magic beans!

  7. He's a cute little woodpecker. I supposed he was easy to get a pic of because he is so into his drink that he doesn't care. :)


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