Sunday, April 08, 2012

How I decided on a church to attend

I guess, after all the hullabaloo a while back when I decided it was time to get myself back in church, I neglected to tell you what I do NOT like in a church.  
First and foremost:  If you tell me to hold my offering above my head (so everybody will know if I am not giving any money),  I don't care how good the preaching is, nor how talented the choir.  I'm not returning.  You have made it obvious that I'm not welcome unless I give you money.  
And yes, I attended a church like this for years.  Enough is enough.
Oh, and there's this:  At another church I really liked, the preacher asked everybody to hold up their money and repeat after him, "This is my tithe; a tithe is ten percent."   
I'm thinking, "Hey, buddy, I have five dollars here.  It's five bucks you won't have if I stay home."  
If you have to take up two or three collections during one service, I'm gone.  
If you tell me everybody in every other church (denomination) is going to hell, that's goodbye.  
If you look down your nose at people who don't dress to your standards, so long.  
The truth is, I am pretty comfortable in most denominations.  I love good preaching.  I love good singing.  But honestly, I can live without that, as long as I can feel comfortable in your midst.  I'm a little peculiar, so it might be a stretch putting up with me.  
By the way, I found several local churches that qualify as ones I'd attend, so I don't think my qualifications are all that stringent.  


  1. I believe in God, but my honest opinion has very often infuriated people:
    I think that the two things which have done the most to destroy mankind are sex and organized religion.

  2. I agree with your complaints. I'm also glad that you've found churches that do NOT act like that!

  3. I like our little historical country church because they do not harp on money and they welcome everyone no matter what they are wearing. We had a preacher who spoke against other religions and TV preachers. He especially had it in for Joel Osteen and talked against him almost every Sunday. They ask him to stop so he left.

  4. I totally agree with all of your reasons. I have attended churches where I wondered how many times they were going to take collections. I walked out after the third.
    I quit one church where there were a few bossy, controlling types who just would not leave me alone, or listen to me. I wasn't feeling it there!

  5. I think you have good reasons for the churches you like or don't like. Helen

  6. All good reasons. I've never heard of passing the plate more than once or holding you money in the air.
    I've attended the same church all my life. (since 1950)

  7. Cliff, I believe you are Baptist. The only time I've seen Baptists take more than one collection was when it was Lottie Moon day or when there was a visiting evangelist. It's mostly Pentecostal-type churches that beg for money all the time.
    I was raised in the Church of Christ, and they NEVER took up collection more than once in a service, and they only passed the hat on Sunday morning. I attended a Bible (Baptist) Church once that never passed a collection plate: They had a donation box near the door, and you could donate as you entered or exited.

  8. If the Pastor wears a polyester suit and has that Conway Twitty hair thing going on, I'm out of there.

  9. People give what they can afford. I think how much you give should be between you and God. You shouldn't be singled out like that, to be shamed and embarrassed publicly. In my teens, I went to a Bible Camp, that my parents forked over BIG BUCKS for. Every day they took up a collection. Made you feel like lepers if you didn't contribute EXTRA. It soured me on the experience. They were more interested in COLD, HARD CASH than the Bible. I think your reasons are good for choosing a church. Glad you found a couple that fit the bill. take care.

  10. Those are valid reasons for not attending a church. I had never heard of having to hold your offering over your head. That's crazy. I attended a large church for a time in Portland OR, where $$ and becoming rich was all he'd talk about. I am thankful to attend a church that emphasizes God and salvation over greenbacks.

  11. I love this Church, but I had rather not pay their light bill! lol


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