Thursday, April 26, 2012

Another pretty day in Missouri

We do need rain badly, but it's no use worrying about things you can't change.  I don't usually pray for rain because I figure somebody in my neighborhood is going on a picnic or working outdoor construction and is praying for it not to rain.  
Granddog Titan, the great Dane, is visiting today and tomorrow.  After being on meds for three weeks, he seems to be getting around just fine and suffering not at all.  This may not last, but we will enjoy him while it does last.  

  As soon as Titan arrived, the dogs and I went for a walk.  Cliff twisted his knee the other day climbing off and on the tractor, so he didn't go along.  

When we got back to the house I harvested some spinach.  We'll be having it, cooked, for dinner.  Of course, that big bucketful only amounts to about four servings, once it cooks down.  
I picked enough strawberries for strawberry shortcake today! 

Titan went to the shade to rest after his walk.  He likes to think he is guarding the cows.  After a recent overnight stay at the vet's, he had separation anxiety for awhile, and fretted when Heather or Arick left him here.  He seems to have gotten over that.  

Here's the row of potatoes I planted on St. Patrick's Day.  I sprayed them with Sevin after I noticed some bug-holes in the leaves.

The potatoes planted on Good Friday are just now coming through the dry, crusty ground.  I'm glad there is this much of a spread between the two plantings, so we'll have a steady supply while they last.  

Those super-early green beans are doing great, and I haven't covered them to protect them from the frost even once.  It could still be necessary at some point, though.  We aren't really out of the woods until after the first week in May.  

This looks promising:  An air conditioner repair person over at the vacated, vandalized house next door.  
Cliff saw a hummingbird this morning as he walked outside.


  1. I love cooked spinach with vinegar... also love the first picture... pastoral and comforting. As soon as the garden is taller I want my return visit....

  2. Man.. i need to get off my butt and work in my little garden.
    This makes me think i'm falling behind on mine.

  3. It's wet and raining here today. Cold out too. Your spinach looks wonderful...I do remember how good it tastes fresh from the garden. Nothing the stores has to offer tastes half as good, but it's been a long long time since I had a garden we moved to town when my one of my sons was born and he is now almost 35.

  4. You have an amazing garden. We are getting your rain...and also have a huge snow pack from the winter. So, we're not anticipating any water restrictions for the summer! ;)

  5. LOVE that picture of Titan and Iris down at the water's edge. Serene and peaceful. i know what you mean about the weather. It rained here all yesterday. Now we're having a deep freeze tonight, temps headed down to 29 or 30. BRR! My container plants are NOT doing well at all. That spinach of yours looks really good. I use more spinach than lettuce here. Hope Cliff is feeling better soon. take care.

  6. Your garden looks pretty! I know it will be nice having all the fresh food! Yum! Titan looks like he has adjusted just fine with you guys! I hope Cliff is doing better!

  7. I think the rain is on it's way. Supposed to rain for the rest of the week. I have to get out and mow my lawn now before it's too late. Yikes!


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