Thursday, April 05, 2012

Cliff's new toys

Yesterday we went shopping at Lowe's, and Cliff finally got the new drill press he's been wanting.  

Here you see a happy man.
He's been wanting one of these mop buckets for years, too.  Yesterday he parted with the $60 it cost and brought it home, as well as a new mop.  
What's that you say?  
Why yes, he does mop his shop floor.   
You will never see me as happy as Cliff was to get a new mop or bucket.  Never.  My housekeeping style is casual, at best.  Sometimes it's even nonexistent.  

A couple of boards with holes in them, to put hooks on and hang his valuable stuff on.

Like this.  He will have to paint the new ones first.  

He will put them right up there.  You may be wondering why there are mirrors hanging in Cliff's shop; they are there to reflect light, and hopefully make it brighter.  Never throw away your old mirrors:  Send them to Cliff.


  1. Mmmm.... New toys. I'd been wanting a new combination miter saw for a couple of years and finally got one. I was so happy I went out and ruined a whole bunch of wood just for fun. Whoo hoo!

  2. I'm glad to see Cliff is keeping happy there and enjoying life. It's nice to see someone so content with what they do. Not everyone is happy having a mop bucket you've got to admit. It is the little things that mean the most! It's true about the mirrors...I have one in the front room to reflect my candle light. Have a happy Thursday there!

  3. I'm still waiting on my new toy from Nikon. D800 camera seems to be in really short supply. Although the warehouse did ship the battery pack for the darn thing yesterday. So I will at least have the bottom.

  4. ok, now I know.

    The main function of a drill press is to drill holes into workpieces. Drill presses use a variety of spindles to drill varying amounts and sizes of holes.


    Drill presses are also used for reaming. Reaming is when existing holes are made bigger and or more accurate. Reaming is most often done on metalwork pieces.

  5. I had posted but some how my post got lost. I said I learn a lot by reading your blog and now I will find out what a drill press is.
    so I did. I had no idea what a drill press was.

  6. Please send Cliff to my house -- we need some organization badly. Our current method is to hire a dumpster and load it up and have everything hauled away. M.

  7. Happy Easter to you and Cliff. May you have a very blessed one. Helen

  8. You've got to love a man with a mop. LOL But that drill press is pretty impressive too. GREAT idea with the mirrors. I use mine when the power goes out. I sit candles in front of them and it lights up the room times ten. You all have a HAPPY EASTER. take care.


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