Thursday, April 12, 2012


This is how God said good morning to me today.  We're overcast and expecting rain now, so Cliff and I went to Hilltop Farm to buy a few bedding plants.  After the fiasco last year, I didn't even attempt to start my own tomato and pepper plants from seed.  

I bought two eggplants, four sweet pepper plants, and eight tomato plants.  Also some impatiens, but those don't go in the garden.  

Iris always keeps a close eye on me when I'm gardening, especially when the tiller is running.  Notice the volunteer potato plants in the foreground.  I'll be tilling there before long, getting rid of them.  

Seems like every time I use the tiller, I till up a toad.

I planted the impatiens by the back steps.  There are two pansies next to the steps that came up volunteer from last year.

The mayapples I brought up from the woods three years ago are thriving in the flowerbed on the north side of the house.  

One of them is blooming.  Those little purple flowers are from the woods also.  The only thing I don't have in my wildwood flower garden is a jack-in-the-pulpit.  They grow further down in the ditches, and I don't enjoy climbing up and down the hills with a shovel, especially this year;  because of our mild winter, the ticks are everywhere.
I planted some corn a week or two ago, and I didn't think it was going to germinate.  So today I tilled it up to replant more.  After it was too late to do anything about it, I looked at all the seeds the tiller had dug up and realized the corn was starting to germinate after all.  I could kick myself; corn seed is so expensive!  


  1. We had a good bit of frost here last night. I was glad I hadn't planted any tomato plants yet. I just set what we had in the washroom. Covered my hydrangea and Hibiscus bushes with sheets.

  2. Looking good! Your garden is huge!

  3. I love your wildflower garden. I'm so missing the wildflowers in the woods at the campground. I always enjoy seeing them everywhere. It may be they'll be all gone before I get there this year.

  4. Still to cold here to start planting except for cold weather crops. I might get some to start this weekend.

  5. I planted impatiens once, but I couldn't wait for them to come up! (grin)

  6. I never would have thought of planting may apples in a flower bed. When I was a kid I loved finding may apples in the woods; they're such a pretty plant.


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