Sunday, June 26, 2011

Tractor show at Adrian Missouri

We watched a huge diesel engine at work that once supplied the city of Odessa, Missouri, with electricity.  (Ignore the title on the video, which says "steam engine".)

Hopefully, if you click on this picture you'll be able to read the story of the steam engine.  

My knee and my overall physical strength were much better than a week ago when we went to a different tractor show.  I was able to cover the whole area with Cliff; of course, I had my cane-chair, so I was able to sit while he circled the tractors. 

 This is a nicely restored Minneapolis-Moline tractor.  

That's the same model as this tractor, the one Cliff bought from my parents after we bought our twenty acres.  The picture was taken in 1967; that's Cliff and my son.  

Reading his shirt, I'd say this boy is a confirmed Farmall fan.  He was waiting patiently for the Parade of Power to begin.  

And there he goes in the parade, proudly displaying his fine old Farmall tractor.  Cliff and I laughed at how all the boys kept their eyes straight ahead, never looking to the left or right.  

Some boys like green tractors better.  This little guy needed some help from Dad.  

It's surprising how many people have gone to the trouble and expense of building, from scratch, a scale model steam engine that works just like the full-size ones.  Can you imagine how much trouble that would be, and how much time it would take?  

I have more pictures, but I'll save them for another entry.  


  1. Great pictures, I love tractors and have always wanted to learn how to drive one.

  2. That last one is adorable! The other ones look brand new to me, what do I know? :) I'm glad your knee is doing so much better.


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