Friday, June 24, 2011

Various things

This is why I love the window hummingbird feeders:  I stand inside as still as possible, like a statue, and within minutes I get a nice shot of a hungry hummer.  It would help if I'd wash that window!  

There was thunder to the south of us earlier, enough to make Iris head for the safety of the bathtub, and enough to create a lovely sunrise.  
Someone expressed surprise, after reading the previous entry and watching the video, that Iris reacted to dogs on TV even when they weren't making any doggie-noises.  I'll tell you a better one than that:  Iris has been known to react to a still picture of a cat or dog on TV that has no movement whatever!  In the evening she curls up across the room and watches the TV for any excuse to attack; believe me, she seldom misses an opportunity.   
I am finally back to my normal energy level this week.  Before surgery I gave blood for myself, in case it was needed after the knee replacement.  The doctor had me start taking iron tablets then, because she said I would need them after giving blood two weeks in a row.  In fact, she told me to take two a day, which I did.  After surgery, they kept finding out I was still anemic, so they gave me my two pints of blood and kept me on iron.  Before checking out, I was still slightly anemic, so I kept taking iron pills until the ones I had at home were gone.  Then I stopped.  
I've felt fine since surgery, but my energy level (which is never anything to brag about) was low.  Last Monday I picked up some iron pills at the drug store, thinking perhaps I shouldn't have stopped taking them when I did.  Well, either those pills really work fast or the timing happened to be such that on Tuesday I felt like my old self, and I've continued to feel fine ever since.  I've never had a problem with anemia before, so this is new territory for me.  
I had one little glitch before I went to the hospital:  Five days before surgery my doctor's office called, informing me that the pre-surgery tests had revealed a urinary tract infection.  Antibiotics were called in and I immediately started taking them, because the operation would be postponed if I had an infection of any kind.  
Several times in the past I've been plagued by bladder infections, but I always had definite symptoms.  This time I had no idea there was a problem until I got the phone call.  Of course, this caused me some concern, because here I was prepping for surgery, but I didn't know if the infection would be gone by the big day.  Thank goodness it was, although we didn't find this out until I had checked into the hospital that morning for surgery. Then things proceeded as expected.    
Things seem to be going well for me.  I'm able to meet the demands of my therapist.  I've walked our full course with Cliff twice this week.  I've done a lot of garden work, pulling up the peas and getting rid of weeds, little by little.  I have very little pain in my knee, although I can tell it is somewhat swollen after a forty-minute walk; but I think that's normal.  
We'll see what the doctor says next Wednesday.  

Meanwhile, poor Cliff is worrying himself silly about retirement.  Yesterday he said, "You know, if I changed my mind, they wouldn't have a problem with that; I could keep right on working."  
He's always worked, he's always been the provider, and he just can't imagine not going to work.  He's driving me nuts!  If anyone ever needed to retire, it's Cliff.  It's been over five years since his open heart surgery, and who knows what tomorrow will bring?  I don't want him to end up dying at work because he was afraid to retire and enjoy himself.  
Oh well, if we can get through one more week, we'll have it made.    


  1. he can find plenty to do around home to keep busy and there are saving that can be made when not working. tell cliff he will love being free.

  2. It is so great to hear that you are doing so well! I know you are glad to be feeling normal again. I sure do hope that Cliff can get over his anxiety about retirement and just enjoy it. I think it's a great life!

  3. Anonymous9:35 AM

    Retirement is a funny thing...specially for men...hubby had open heart surgery 12 years ago...did quite medical problems...just doing what he is supposed to do...has worked all his life...and seemed to enjoy it all....and then he was a sad sorry day he did...he has taken retirement to a new or low level...his best friend is his lazyboy chair...the tv remote...and the fridge...and not in that order...he has RETIRED!!!! I sure hope Cliff does good...and that you get to do alot of things together ... more than usual...I had some good ideas...but they all died!!! boy do I wish he still worked!!!! cause I don't think I like this guy sitting in my living room!!! ahhh life sure deals out some nasty cards from time to time...LOL...God Bless you Cliff...and your retirement!!!

  4. It is scary(not that I'll ever get a chance to retire);I would imagine that Cliff is used to a routine and a schedule, plus the security of a paycheck. My dad had no issues adjusting to retirement although he drove my mom nuts at first. It may take some time for him to figure out a new routine. :) SO glad that your knee is doing so well and that your energy level is good.

  5. I understand how Cliff feels. When you are working you have a safety net under your 'high wire'. Retirement seems to put a noose around your neck. You are stuck. I believe Cliff is older than I am but just like he...I now think maybe I will work longer than one more year. Sister should talk...she stayed at that chicken plant job until she was she did it I do not I think I can sure hang on a little above 62 which I will reach next year. If I could have affordable insurance..........I would retire.....TODAY!

  6. Glad that you have been doing so well and feel almost back to normal. Helen

  7. My husband is 72 and isn't retiring cause he loves what he's doing. And the security of a paycheck is something he doesn't want to lose. So in a way, Cliff must be a little scared of losing his routine too. I hope it all works out. It will be an adventure. Glad your knee is almost back to normal.

  8. Can he go down to a couple days a week instead of full time? Maybe then it wouldn't be such a shock.

  9. I'm glad you are feeling better and the surgery went well. If Cliff wants to retire maybe he needs a new hobby or do some volunteer work to keep himself feeling useful. My Dad took up geocaching and now he is hardly ever home. Always on the go and hiking and moving and taking trips etc.. Of course he is a little bit obsessed with it too!


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