Sunday, June 26, 2011

This shows how much I know about engines

In the post about the engine that originally powered the electricity for the city of Odessa, I called it a steam engine.  
If I'd stopped to think about it, I know better.  Steam engines are quiet.  
Oh well, hats off to Cliff, who got out of bed and read my blog and patiently said, "Hon, that's not a steam engine."  
Thus saving half my readers from being misinformed, and the other half from laughing themselves silly at my stupidity.
If I'd been closer to him when he found the error, he'd have patiently patted me on my silly little head.

THIS is a steam engine.

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  1. One way or the other, you know more about tractors than I'll ever know. Glad you have Cliff there to keep you on track. Have a wonderful Sunday!


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