Sunday, June 12, 2011

This song is really running through my head these days

In an Appalachian, Greyhound station
She sits there waiting, in a family way
"Goodbye brother, Tell Mom I love her
Tell all the others, I'll write someday"

From an teenage lover, to an unwed mother
Kept undercover, like some bad dream
While unwed fathers, they can't be bothered
They run like water, through a mountain stream

In a cold and gray town, a nurse say's "Lay down"
'This ain't no playground, and this ain't home'
Someone's children, out having children
In a gray stone building, all alone

On somewhere else bound, Smokey Mountain Greyhound
She bows her head down, hummin' lullabies
'Your daddy never, meant to hurt you ever'
'He just don't live here, but you've got his eyes'

Repeat Chorus:

Well, they run like water,
Through a mountain stream

Meanwhile, as I sing that song in my mind, Cliff lets this episode of Cheers play in HIS mind.  About six minutes into this video comes one of Cliff's favorite quotes.  
"I knocked up Annie good."


  1. That was a funny episode Donna...thanks.
    Glad to read you're doing okay with the knee and you haven't killed your physical terrorist yet.
    Best of luck. I'm sending about 150,000 cf/s of water your way so get ready. Please keep your rain south of us.

  2. I've always wanted to bash somebody over the head with one of those long french breads.

  3. I remember some of the Cheers shows, very funny. Yes, that is sad to watch the old Bill Cosby stuff knowing now that his son would be killed. I think he was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

    Does therapy have to hurt so bad? Tell him you will twist his leg like a pretzel and I will come and help!

    The thing on the farm that bothered me the most was before we butchered a pig they hung him up on the barn, probably to bleed out. That grossed me out but didn't stop me from eating bacon! ha!


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