Monday, June 27, 2011

I'd rather stand in the rain with you than to be in the barn alone.

These animals have been standing in close proximity for at least two hours, since before daybreak.  The thunder and lightning and rain have been intense.  Each animal has a sheltered place where she could go, but then they wouldn't be together.  
Bonnie and Jody aren't related.  It's just that, in times of stress, the herd instinct kicks in (this is our entire herd).  An electric fence separates them, but that doesn't stop them from being a herd.  They turn away from the prevailing winds and simply ride out the storm together.  

I can almost hear them singing "Stand By Me".  


  1. That is touching when you think about it. Too bad they have to be separated it would be interesting to see if they did go in for shelter if there were together. It's sunny here this morning, but I think rain is moving in later.

  2. My dogs have been running around clinging to each other and to my legs for the last couple of days. The storms make them nervous and I keep tripping on them. I can't wait for the storms to pass. They are making me crazy!

  3. Well I'll be : ) I think I can hear the song too : )

  4. Now I have that song on my mind, no wait a minute I think it is Lean On Me! ha! Nice all the work Cliff went to to make such a nice place for her to live. Will they be able to be together at some point?

  5. I think this is very sweet... The two of them out there together, rain and all. Had to chuckle about the song. How appropiate.


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