Sunday, June 05, 2011

Things seen at my house today

I was sitting in my easy chair with my Nook, reading, when I heard Iris barking outside very close by.  I stepped out onto the porch and saw her digging up a storm just below me.  

It was a big old turtle!  

Cliff and I thought it was a snapping turtle; it certainly acted mean and surly enough to be one.  But Cliff's nephew said it's a water turtle, not a snapping turtle.  Hmmm, there's no water next to our house, but Mike said it's time for them to be laying their eggs.  I hope this doesn't mean we're going to have a bunch of nasty turtles hatching out under the porch later on.  Cliff got rid of the pest.  

The first of my asiatic lilies is blooming.  I have no idea what other colors to expect, but I look forward to finding out.  

Cliff is raking hay as I make this entry.  He and the oldest grandson restored and painted this old Farmall tractor several years ago.  Cliff likes to make sure every tractor gets used for something once in awhile.  We used to take the Farmall H to nearby tractor shows.  


  1. Hope that turtle finds a much better place to lay eggs. You'd think they'd want to be closer to the water anyway. Your lilies are lovely. Mine aren't blooming yet, but have become so thick that I'm thinking I need to thin them out a bit. I'll probably wait til this fall to do that. Glad you've got good weather for the hay. It's a quiet but sunny day here at my house.

  2. The tractor LOOKS good and works too. Cliff did a nice job with it. Your asiatic lilies are beautiful. Mine are orange and I have some burgandy. I have to admit I haven't seen a real turtle in years. The last one, I saw was crossing the road trying to avoid being hit by cars.

  3. Got rid of it? :( I hope it was humane; I think turtles are cute in an ugly way. We don't have them around here. What are you reading?

  4. I'm thinking about you and Cliff trapped in the house by a bunch of rabid turtles. Sounds like one of my movies.

  5. Anonymous5:50 PM

    I always look at the weather channel forecast on your blog to check your shows 92 and sunny right now (altho humid) is around 62 here and raining. We left last Tues for our annual camping trip only to return home on Wed due to 33 degrees and snow (a tad too chilly in a tent)! I know we'll eventually warm up but it is frustrating to have this kind of weather the first week of June!

  6. That's a painted turtle...and they're normally very shy. I'd LOVE to have a bunch of baby turtles around!

  7. PS Here's what the babies look like:


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