Sunday, June 26, 2011

Jody's New Digs

We've moved Jody from the front yard to the back, giving her a huge amount of grazing area.  Cliff went to a lot of trouble to fix the area up "just right", and Jody seems to love it.  She only stops eating long enough to lie down and chew her cud.  Because this is such a large area, it won't end up stinking like a feedlot, which is what happened with her original pen.  

This is my view from the window next to my computer.  I love it!  If I say something to her, she'll perk her ears up listening.

I stood in the back yard to take this picture of Jody's house, at the far end of her new pen.  I told you it was a big pen!  

 There she is having breakfast; the electric wire that defines the limits of her new pen is not far beyond the feed bunk.  

Cliff put two strands of electric wire up, just in case Jody tried running through it before she discovered it could shock her.  Fortunately, she had some exposure to a small length of electric fence in her last abode behind the barn, and she had learned her lesson well; she stopped about 18 inches away from this electric fence and never went nearer.   

The one thing lacking in this new pen was shade, so Cliff fashioned a nice big shaded area from things he had on hand.  This seems to be where Jody is going to hang out, even when the sun isn't shining.  

Can you see Bonnie in the distance?  She'll be grazing in this vicinity often, because cows are herd animals, and this is all the "herd" we have, now that poor Clyde has been butchered.  

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