Monday, June 06, 2011

Where have all the orioles gone?

I only spotted my first Baltimore Oriole two years ago, drinking from a hummingbird feeder.  I didn't even know what it was, but if you google "orange-and-black bird", you come up with oriole.  
Last year I read and talked to everyone I knew that had orioles in their yards and began doing whatever I could to entice them.  Grape jelly seems to work best, and they also like oranges.  This year I found out they like grapefruit just as well.  
So, both last year and this year, I was rewarded for my efforts.  Orioles, both male and female, ate the grape jelly almost as fast as I could put it out.  
After about a month of such activity, the orioles disappeared.  Both years.  
A neighbor across the highway who has only recently discovered orioles called over the weekend to ask if I was still seeing orioles.  His have disappeared too.  
I've done one Internet search after another and haven't really found any information telling me where the orioles have gone.  
UPDATE!!!!  It's 8 A.M., and I just saw TWO male orioles at the feeder.  Perhaps there is yet hope.

Today it's been three weeks since my surgery.  When I went to the therapy clinic last week, the guy told me I could stop doing the exercises my home therapists had me doing, unless they still challenge me.  Well, a couple of them do; and besides, I don't want to risk losing what I have gained so far.  So I'm still doing those twice a day, plus the ones the new therapist wants me to do.  These exercises seem to be waking up muscles in the rest of my body as well as knees and legs.  I'm learning to climb steps like an adult rather than take one step at a time with both feet the way a two-year-old does.  Hard work, folks!  
I'm still working on getting my surgical leg to straighten out all the way.  Oh, it looks straight enough to me, but stretched out in bed, it starts hurting after about five minutes.  So I force myself to keep a foot suspended on a tall stool when I'm watching TV, which really puts the stretch on me.  It's hard to keep it stretched like that for over five minutes because it hurts.  

This is my favorite pain-reliever.  Cliff keeps that little cooler stocked with ice.  I plug it in to an electrical outlet and cold water is pumped to the pad that is wrapped around my knee.  I use this for fifteen minutes at a time after doing therapy exercises, or after being on my feet quite a bit.  It is very soothing, and not addictive.  It's supposed to help with swelling, too.  I don't know how long the swelling is supposed to last, but I'm getting impatient.  I'd be a lot more flexible without my knee being so swollen.  I tried googling information about this, but one has to be careful:  You're liable to find things in a google search that you'd rather not know, if you know what I mean!  



  1. Vicki8:57 AM

    I think your missing orioles flew to New Jersey. I've never seen them here before, they're hanging out with no grape jelly incentive. You're doing so well post surgery. I'm amazed at how much you can do. Vicki

  2. When birds disappear from my feeder this time of year I always figure they're nesting. We have a little bird called a redpoll that shows up in huge numbers. I did not see any last winter, nor did my friend who also feeds wild birds. We wonder where they went.

  3. That's an impressive shot of leg... love the sock too :)
    It actually looks kind of relaxing.....


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