Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Various things

First of all, I went walking with Cliff this morning and made it ALL.  THE.  WAY.!!!!  I even went down and back up the steepest hill.  This is taken before I had done any hills, and I was walking at a pretty good pace.  

Cliff wanted me to turn around and smile, so there you have it.  

This was taken near the end of our walk as I was getting ready to head to the house, and I can assure you I was walking a whole lot slower than when I started.  I don't wear shoes when we walk in the pasture unless it's below freezing outside, by the way.  

When we moved behind the barn three years ago, I planted a trumpet vine.  This year it has finally bloomed; I hope the hummingbirds enjoy it.  I know my cows enjoy eating the vine; Cliff had to put an electric fence up to keep them from destroying it.  

Have I mentioned I love coneflowers?  

This is what hail does to a cucumber vine.  It'll be all right eventually.  

Remember a while back when I told you about Tyler, the twenty-year-old kid next door with cancer?  He just had his first all-day chemo treatment yesterday, and came to report to us today.  He seems not to be too much worse for the wear so far.  I believe he said he has to have an all-day treatment once every month, but he has other chemo sessions in between that won't take so long.  Since the doctors haven't seen cancer quite like this before, they're throwing a little bit of everything at it.  I stole the above picture of him off Facebook; I figured if he's using it as a profile shot, he probably approves this pose. 


  1. Depending on what kind of chemo he's on, it will hit him in 2-3 days. It takes a while. Then he'll feel like he has the flu for a week to week and a half, but will start to get better that week before he goes back again. I'm impressed with your walking!! It hasn't been that long since surgery. Way to go!!

  2. Nice post. Glad to see you doing so well. Nice looking kid. I hope he fights a good fight.


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