Thursday, June 30, 2011

Missing dog

Cliff's sister, who lives next door in our old house, has a little mini-dachshund named Angel that is her life. The sun rises and sets in that little dog, as far as she is concerned; I fully understand that.  Angel is a loving little creature who never met a human she didn't like.  
Rena has spoiled Angel a little, but don't we all do that with our dogs?  So sometimes, Angel has selective hearing.  Every once in awhile Rena will lose track of her, and wander all over the place shouting, "Angel, COME!" "Angel, COME!"
Angel, knowing full well how much she is loved, acts a little bit like a spoiled child; being a hound, she goes off sniffing the trail of some nocturnal creature, ignoring her master.  
But she's never far away.  
Rena's son has lived with her for the past year or so, and for the past three weeks, his three kids have been visiting.  So while Rena goes to work, they are in charge of Angel.  
Today I looked out my window a couple of times and saw Mike's kids strolling around my yard.  
Mighty peculiar.  
A couple hours later I went to the mailbox and all three of his kids were outside calling for Angel.  
"Is Angel gone?" I asked.  
Indeed she was, and had not been seen for quite a while.  The kids had been all the way to the end of our dead-end road calling for her and hadn't seen hide nor hair of her.  
"That's strange," I said.  "She does disappear sometimes, but she's never very far away." 
I knew there was no way that little dog would disappear for two hours.  No way.  Of course, she's a cute little thing, so if someone found her at their door, he might let her in.  But honestly, she never even went as far as a neighbor's house.  Usually if she's missing, she can be found in the barn lot eating cow poop.  
Oh yes, you can take the dog out of the country, but you can't take the country out of the dog.  
I joined the search, because I was actually starting to worry a bit.  I knew if Rena got home from work and found her dog missing, she would be a basket case.  That dog, as I said, is her life.  
I turned and headed toward home.  When I turned, I was staring right at Cliff's shop; a little light turned on in my brain.  
"Is it possible she got shut in Cliff's shop?  Because that's happened with Iris a few times."
"I'll get the key," Mike said.  
As soon as the door to the shop opened, Angel came running out.  I'm sure she was thinking, "What kind of idiots lock me in the shop and then walk around calling for me?"
So all is well at the Wood commune, and we can sleep soundly tonight.


  1. Glad that you found her safe and sound. Helen

  2. Sheesh! My heart was pounding as I read this post. It made me a bit sick. Thank goodness she was trapped. (wow, never thought I'd type that. LOL)

  3. Oh thank heavens. My heart was pounding too. I was thinking of how I would feel if I was Rena and my dog was missing. You KNOW how much I love my dog! So glad she is ok.

  4. Oh I'm so glad Angel was found & is okay! I'd be lost without my Mattie!

  5. I agree with all the other ladies, my stomach felt like it had butterflies in it. I too, would be a "nut" case if my "Cookie" were missing. So glad you guys found Angel.

  6. I'm glad that thanks to you she was found. It is scary when we can find those pets.

  7. Sounds like something my cats would do. Glad you thought to look in the shop. Thank goodness Angel is safe and sound.

  8. It's a good thing you thought of that. Glad Angel is okay.

  9. With me having a weiner dog, I understand how hard headed they can be. lol. They do love to hunt. I'm so glad you found her.


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