Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Post #3 for today

Perhaps this means I'm getting back to my normal self.  Not that I've ever been all that normal.  
A week ago I was considering letting Jody, the (former) bottle calf, nurse my Jersey cow, Bonnie, for two weeks.  What a ridiculous idea that was.  
The cow would have had to be dried up after two weeks to prepare for her baby due in August, so it would have only been for that two-week period.  Most likely that would have been just enough time for Jody to get used to nursing a cow instead of a bottle, and possibly would have made her more difficult to wean.  So I fed her the last of the milk replacer and then started giving her all the calf feed she could eat, which by the way is quite a bit for a little heifer.  
We've had some frequent rains, and the pen Cliff and I had constructed for her in our front yard was beginning to get pretty muddy and stinky.  So we took that pen down and moved her to the small lot behind the barn, where she has more room; she can go inside the barn for shelter there.  
Now we're eyeing an area behind our house that has some excellent grazing for a growing calf.  We're considering putting up an electric fence (she needs to be trained to an electric fence anyhow), moving her little hutch out there for shelter, and letting her graze to her heart's content.  

Cliff is a nervous wreck as retirement draws near:  He will work tomorrow and Thursday, take a vacation day Friday, work Monday through Thursday of next week and take a vacation day that Friday.  And that will be the end of his job career and the beginning of a new adventure.  
A week from tomorrow (Wednesday) I will see the orthopedist and hopefully be done with going to therapy three days a week.    


  1. Good luck to cliff with retirement! I am sure once he gets used to it, he will be fine! Hope all works out well with the doctor. Hugs

  2. I just read all 3 posts and was glad to see them. It's great that you are getting out on your walks again. I sure hope it only gets better for you from here on out. Glad your orioles are there to enjoy and your flowers are all beautiful too. Just to think that in 2 weeks Cliff will be home all the time with you is something to be celebrating. I've got to say retirement is one of the greatest things I've ever done. I just love it. Hope Cliff does too!

  3. I really admire your love for your animals.

    Glad your body is still mending.

    Best wishes to you and Cliff when he retires. He'll probably feel disoriented; I hope he will adjust quickly.


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