Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Things I can't blog about

I've struggled lately trying to find things to blog about; oh, there's my surgery and recuperation, but that gets boring real fast.  There's this early heat wave (not so unusual for Missouri), but everybody talks about the weather.  
As I told Cliff, I think my problem is that most of the goings-on occupying my mind right now are things I can't blog about because they concern my neighborhood; and I do make an attempt to keep negative things about my neighborhood to myself, as much as I'd love to vent sometimes.  Oh, you'd be fascinated to know the happenings around here, but I just can't share.  
So today I'll try and get my mind off those things and onto the simple pleasures of life.  I'll try really hard.


  1. That is a coincidence, I was just doing research for my newsletter for tomorrow on simple pleasures and came up with the clothesline...there brings back some good memories for sure. I'm spoiled and use a dryer all the time but I do miss that good smell. Hope your day in the neighborhood gets better! Have a wonderful Wednesday!

  2. But sometimes it feels good to let out a rant now and then. Just change the names and muddy the details a little and let fly!

  3. Lindie11:51 AM

    I am interested in your recovery details. And you can always interest me in your cows and your garden!

  4. It's always hard to draw the line when blogging. Some things are best left unsaid, I know from experience. On the other hand, I daresay anything you do write will be read. That's why we hang around... to hear just a snippet or two, from your neck of the woods.

  5. I agree with EVERYONE's previous comments and add: I know exactly what you mean. I have a number of things I feel I can't share -- coworker problems, family problems, fears and terrors that seem real to me but I know internally are ridiculous. So I keep quiet -- and sometimes have nothing entertaining to write about. That "clothesline" idea however sounded pretty good. I remember hanging clothes out on the line . . .

  6. I know!! I blog about some things I probably shouldn't; it does feel good, but if a few relatives found my blog, oh oh!!


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