Thursday, June 02, 2011

Forging ahead

Yesterday I saw the orthopedist and had the staples removed from my incision.  Now I can take a shower!  I've had over two weeks of taking sponge baths, and although I was raised on sponge baths (except for a Saturday night bath in a washtub), a shower is much welcomed.  
Today I start going to therapy, instead of having a therapist come to me.  I'll still be doing my exercise routine at home, though.  My grandson's girl friend secured me an exercise bike (free... thank you, Heather), which is supposed to be an excellent tool for recovery from knee surgery.  The home therapist said to limit myself to three minutes per session, for now.  
I'm still taking coumadin, which the doctor is monitoring closely.  I take a pill daily, but if the level in my blood gets too low to suit the doctor, she has me take two pills for a day or two; it's to prevent blood clots.  I'll be really glad to get off that stuff.  I was told I'd be taking it for a month, so I have less than two weeks to go.  
Yesterday evening, with possible storms in the forecast, I fired up the tiller and tilled between the rows of my garden, then put in a small row of green beans.  The tiller really doesn't require my using a great deal of strength:  It pulls itself.  The tiller we have now moves too fast to suit me when the throttle is wide open, so I did slow it down to a reasonable pace.  I'm not exactly Miss Speedy these days.  It felt good to handle this chore again by myself.   
I have no problem walking unaided when I'm at home with no shoes on, but yesterday with sneakers on, I held on to Cliff's arm going to and from the doctor's office because every once in awhile my knee would give... it wasn't nearly as steady!  Danged old shoes are an instrument of the devil anyhow.  I have to concentrate on walking properly and not allowing myself to limp.  
The pain is less all the time, and if I had to, I could probably get by just fine without the pain meds.  As it is, I'm only taking one at a time now, on an "as-needed" basis... usually no more than four a day.  The one I take at bedtime is the most necessary.  
Won't it be wonderful when I have something more exciting to talk about in my blog than my surgery?  I'm sure that day is coming!


  1. It sounds like you are doing wonderfully well. I bet that shower was the best ever. Sponge baths just don't quite do the job. Have a great Thursday!

  2. Anonymous6:44 AM

    let's just say...When Donna talks I listen....cause I enjoy it...!!! hugs from KY

  3. You sound like you are making progress with your leg. Keep up the good work. The bike will help alot with flexibility. Bet that shower felt wonderful. Hang in there.

  4. Lindie12:12 PM

    I'm very interested in your medical reports!

  5. You just had major surgery and can already do so much! I think it and you are amazing!!

  6. You're recovering fast. That is because of the fighter in you to not give in to this setback.

    You're inspiring!

  7. Anonymous11:38 AM

    How wonderful... you're moving in the right direction. Carry on!!

    Peace~ Andrea

  8. Following your progress with interest. At the rate my knees are deteriorating, I will probably have metal ones within the next few years. Do not stop taking the coumadin no matter how much you hate it. Man in town went in for simple knee replacement and died of a blood clot.


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