Tuesday, June 28, 2011

We went to see Clyde today

Look at that layer of hard fat on Clyde!  Cliff and I have finally figured out how to get good beef:  Butcher a calf by the time he's a year old (Clyde was ten months) and leave him sucking Mom's milk until we take him to the butcher shop.  He never had anything but milk and grass except for a rare bite of sweet feed, and a few protein bars in the winter.  
Tomorrow they'll turn him into burger, roasts, and steaks, and by next Monday we'll bring him home.  We found a cheap used deep freeze, so we won't be having to give any of that good meat away just to make room.  I have, however, offered some of last year's ground beef to the grandson for a very reasonable price.  

After checking out our beef, we went down to the Sni, where the water is touching the new bridge.  The Sni Mini Mart folks are preparing for the worst in case the floodwaters threaten them. 

Then we went to the Corp of Engineers park and watched the rising water of the Missouri River rush past.


  1. That's pretty much how we do our calves too. Grass,milk, and under a year old. YUMMMMMMM! Those waters are just horrible to look at. I hope the damage is held to a minimum.

  2. nerves05 ( Nancy)12:43 PM

    Poor little Clyde.. He's not as pretty as he used to be.. But i'm sure he will make for wonderful eating.. :-)

    We need that water.. Fl is on fire.. so just send all that on down this a way..

  3. Reminds me of my horseback riding teacher's pigs. She doesn't name them because they will be in her freezer one day. :)

  4. All right - - call me a sissy, but I could never eat any beef that has a name (like Clyde). I prefer to get mine from the supermarket, where it is anonymous (big smile inserted here).

  5. Awwww-there's something to be said for anonymous packages of meat. :) My MIL named all her animals and then had them butchered. No romance on a farm when you have to eat.

  6. Anonymous5:03 PM

    See that is all it takes for me to feel like I have a deep, personal relationship with Cyde.

  7. Oh! Cyde. I'm so sorry I ever met you (even just in pictures) -- he had such a sweet face. Clearly you are a farm girl right down to your bones -- and at this stage in my life, I never, ever could be. Eating Cyde would be . . . just inhuman. Could you pass the burgers, please? M.

  8. Anonymous7:25 AM

    Oh, Donna! You make me laugh like most can't. A reviewal for Clyde.
    Too funny.

  9. I'm sorry, but that picture is just WRONG. Can't wait to hear how Clyde tastes. . .


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