Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Someday I'll have a normal dog

When Sadie was around, I often blogged about her manic ways.  Then I brought Iris home and found out there are many degrees of "crazy" when it comes to dogs.  The way she attacks animals, police, and people fighting on television, for instance, seems totally demented.  We grew used to having dog-snot on our TV screen.  Because it is possible to mess up a plasma TV screen, we finally figured out that the best way to keep her nose off the television was to tell her, when she charged at the TV, to get her ball.  She then watches the action, all the while growling and biting on her ball.   
She loves balls and frisbees, but left to her own devices she will do her best to destroy them.  I finally found a set of balls at PetSmart that are indestructible; as for the Frisbee, that's a game we just don't play any more.  Iris is only happy if she can destroy the flying object once she catches it.  
And then there's the way she chases shadows or flashlight beams.  She obsesses!     
Years ago, I read in a book that one of the best ways to bond with your dog is to put its bed beside your own so it's sleeping next to you.  I've always done this, and previous dogs have loved the situation; but I've given up with Iris.  Oh, I put forth a lot of effort, even resorting to snapping a leash on her collar, forcing her to sleep on the nice, comfy dog bed in the bedroom.  That was the only way she'd spend the night there.  
Now, if I wanted a heavily-shedding dog in my bed, I'm sure she would gladly have slept with me that way.  When we first got her, she wouldn't stay OFF our bed.  Unfortunately, neither Cliff nor I have a desire to have a dog sharing our bed.  So that's out.  
At one time I had three beds for Iris:  Her favorite, in a tight little corner of my computer room; one in the living room beneath the window, which she used at first but gradually moved away from; and the one I forced her to use in the bedroom.  
I finally decided that if she didn't want to sleep near me, I wasn't going to force her.  Maybe my snoring bothered her, you never know.  Once I stopped forcing the issue she immediately started spending nights in her favorite bed in the computer room, far away from our bedroom.  I put her two unused beds away.  
The closest Iris ever gets to sleeping with me is on stormy nights.  At those times, she sleeps in the bathtub of the bathroom off our bedroom.   
Crazy dog.


  1. I guess you just have to count your blessings on that one, many people would love the fact that their dog didn't want to sleep by them. Wise dog though to take cover in the bathroom during a storm. They say that is often the safest place in the home if you don't have a basement. I've been without a dog for 2 years now and sure do miss the companionship, still I couldn't bare to loose another so I've stopped having one altogether. I do love to enjoy other peoples though.

  2. Does she only notice the TV when there are dogs? The dogs she's watching in that video aren't even barking!

  3. I guess dogs all have different personalities and quirks just like we people do. Smart to go into the bathtub during a storm, must feel protected with the sides around her.

    Best wishes go to your neighbor dealing with cancer. Such a young person to have to go through this but I guess cancer doesn't take age into consideration. I hope and pray that he does well. Very nice looking young man.

    Glad the orioles are back. I've never had one here.

    I LOVE coneflowers too. I found some orange and yellow ones last Sunday and I planted them away from all my purple ones as they seem to go over to purple in a year or so if I don't.

    Glad you're doing so well walking with that new knee! I like to go barefoot too but now with my arches falling I can't as much as I used to. They tell me 'it's an age thing'. Great.

  4. Nancy, she notices all animals and birds on TV, and if there's a fist-fight between people on TV, that sets her off, too. The dogs don't have to be barking, she still knows they are dogs. Oh, and she even recognizes cartoon dogs as dogs. Seriously.

  5. If you find a place that sells/adopts normal dogs, let me know. I've never had one.

  6. Dang. I'd like to see an indestructible dog ball. Our dog DJ destroys everything she gets her paws on. All of her toys and a few other things, like the recliner handle on my chair, have been gnawed to bits. I have bought the hardest dog toys I can find and she chews through them all. Pfui.

  7. I never failed to be amazed at the intelligence of animals. Iris is really funny - but I guess it's no fun to have dog snot on your screen. My cat watches TV now and then, but with bored distraction.

    (I'm testing Blogger to see if I'm finally able to post comments)

  8. Iris is being true to herself. She's unique and that's why you love her. She's pretty darn smart too, if she can see cartoon dogs as real dogs. That's an amazing.

  9. Great idea about chewing on the ball while watching the TV. Win - Win

  10. we have a Chihuahua and two fiest dogs in our yard. I heard them barking and raising a fuss just now and went out to see what was wrong, they were on the porch and when I went out they rushed after a neighbor dog that was trespassing on thier yard. The Chihuahua was saing in dog language, "mama is out here now, and we can whip your butt."

  11. I loved reading about your dog and watching the video. My cats will show an interest in the TV sometimes but my dog never did.

    I put out some coneflowers this year and they are now blooming. I'm hoping they'll multiply over the years! They are so pretty!

    You are doing great with your walking!! Barefoot in the summer is the most comfortable way to go!

  12. Anonymous12:28 PM

    I think pretty much all my pets have said: Some day I'll have a normal human. ~Mary


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