Sunday, June 19, 2011

Stormy nights

Indeed, it seems as though we receive a new storm every night.  Last night's offering also brought  ten minutes of small hail beating on the roof.  I don't think any damage was done to the garden, but it appears most of the petals were knocked off my Asiatic lilies.  The corn is lying down, but it'll stand back up again.   
It was around midnight when the storm hit, causing me to get out of bed to see what the racket was.  Cliff was still up at the time.  I turned on the porch light to see how big the hail was and was met by Hawkeye, my daughter's dog, standing on his hind legs and begging to be let inside; Granddaughter Natalie led him through the house to the back porch, safe from the icy assault he had been suffering.      
My daughter and her husband went to Texas for a vacation; granddaughter Monica is working at a camp, and her sister Natalie, has been staying with us since Tuesday.  

Yesterday Natalie accompanied us to a tractor show at Lathrop, Missouri.  She got points for not once griping about the heat or saying she was bored, and even more bonus points for not rolling her eyes while Cliff looked the tractors over.  I must confess my knee wasn't quite up to the walking required for a tractor show, and I sat a lot.  I guess I was rushing things.  Tomorrow it will be five weeks since surgery.       
I'd love to share the picture I took of Cliff after we got home from the show, sitting in his chair sound asleep with the laptop beneath his fingertips.  However, he was kind enough to allow me to share the picture on Facebook; I don't think I'll push my luck by putting it on my blog.  
After his little nap, Cliff and Natalie went for a motorcycle ride.  
It was a good day, all in all.


  1. Glad that the hail didn't damage your garden. Good for Natalie letting Hawkeye out of the hail.

  2. The storms get my dogs all nervous. They woke me up two or three times in the night. Usually all I have to do is give them a pat and tell them it's okay and they go back to sleep. But it does make for a restless night!

  3. I hate hail!(especially when I'm caught in it while running) Good for Natalie. I'm afraid that I would have been whining a bit. Hope the storms abate.

  4. Golf ball size hail around us one day last week, but it spared our neighborhood. Thank goodness. At least this round did.

    We are getting storms every morning it seems!

    I saw Cliff's picture on FB! lol

    Ya'll have a happy Father's day!

  5. Glad to hear the hail didn't do any major damage. Poor Hawkeye. You can only push that leg, so far. Hang in there with it. Enjoy Natalie's visit.

  6. We're getting the same weather. I'll bet you got it last night like we did. The front reached from South Dakota to Oklahoma city.
    We got caught at a grandsons baseball game about 45 miles from home. We drove home in high winds and heavy rain.
    We're dreading heavy rain as it raises a river that already covers about 600 acres of our crops.


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