Saturday, November 06, 2010

Search phrases that bring people to my blog

The most common phrase, not surprisingly, is "just me donna".  
"What can I do with old handkerchiefs" leads people to a post HERE.  
"Barefoot everywhere" leads to THIS.  Folks, if you were to see my feet, you'd keep your shoes on.  
"Garrett Rasa" leads to a fairly recent post; often included in this search are words that let me know people wonder what led to a little boy's death.  I've heard through the grapevine that the accident involved a stack of pallets there at the orchard. 
"Oreo delight recipe".  Well, that one is obvious
"Deer tick bites" leads folks to a picture I posted of my tick bite.  
"Bothwell mansion".  This search takes people to an entry I did about the place.  It's quite interesting; if you ever pass by there, you should visit.  
"Round pen pictures".  Those folks who use this search and accidentally arrive at my blog need to head on back to Google and find someone who knows what he's talking about.  Our round pen was a little bit dangerous.  
"Do banks make mistakes" lands folks on a blog entry with that title.  
"Blue Springs Walmart" is a search that gets people to a rant I once posted.
"Claycomo Ford".  I wondered, one day, whether the Claycomo Ford plant might be closed down.  I think that's still up in the air, but Harley is definitely thinking about closing down their not-very-old factory near KCI.  
"How long can a cold last" or "cold lasted 3 weeks" and other variations lead to an entry where I whined about a minor illness.  I hate going back to an old entry that embarrasses me when I read it.  I hate whining!  By the way, I've always heard and read that if it lasts over two weeks, it isn't a cold; it's bronchitis or sinusitis or some other malady that can perhaps be treated with drugs.  

I use Swagbucks as my search engine because of the rewards; before long I'll get a fifty dollar gift card for  However, it doesn't hold a candle to Google.  So if my Swagbucks search is not satisfactory, I go to Google. 


Michaele said...

I one titled a post "Chicken Sex and Purses". Big mistake.

Barbara In Caneyhead said...

I get visitors from some of the strangest search terms. I often wonder what they were really looking for and if they actually thought they found it at my blog. LOL And the the folks that come from half a world away from strange seldom heard of places makes me wonder if it is a local citizen or someone from the US that is homesick. I think the folks that search the blog title are people who never bookmarked us but like to visit.

Life & Faith in Caneyhead

Anonymous said...

Russ brought me to your blog, long ago. I'm doubting I would have ever typed a search phrase that would have done so. ~Mary

Lori said...

Recently someone search "How do I keep from burning my biscuits" and that took them to my post titled Burning the Biscuits.