Saturday, November 20, 2010

I double dare you

That's a song, one from my past that I absolutely loved.  Some teenage guy sang it as rock and roll when I was about fifteen years old, but evidently nobody else loved it, because it never went far.  
It's a catchy tune with fun lyrics, and once in a while it gets stuck in my head, like it did yesterday.  
I decided to try and find out who the kid was who recorded it in the fifties, and maybe find a Youtube video of him.  Whoever he was.  
I found out the song was a big-band favorite and was written in 1938.  
I found out it played in the background during a scene in the movie "Radio Days".  Oh, and there were some words to the song I'd never heard before.  
Check out these old guys mixin' it up.  This video has only had seventy-seven views, so pass the link around and make their day.  They're pretty darned good.
I found no mention of anybody recording the song in the fifties, and yet I remember all the lyrics yet today, because I loved the song.    
It must have been one of those out-of-body experiences people talk about.

I double dare you to come over here
I double dare you to lend me your ear
Take off your high hat and let's get friendly
Don't be a scaredy cat, 
hey whaddaya care, 
can'tcha take a dare?
I double dare you to kiss me and then
I double dare you to kiss me again
And if that look in your eye means what I'm thinkin' of
I double dare you to fall in love with me
I double dare you!  


kcmeesha said...

Is this it

Lori said...

That was enjoyable. Thank you!