Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Found on Craigslist

Here's somebody who shares my feelings of love and admiration (NOT) for raccoons and opossums.  I had a link to the ad here, but the ad's been taken down. 

Free Raccoons / Heart Patient Needs Help (Parkville, MO 64152)

Date: 2010-11-16, 12:39AM CST
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Raccoons / Opossums / FREE / FREE / FREE / FREE / FREE / FREE / FREE / (Parkville, Missouri 64152)

I trap them. You relocate them.

Over the last four years I have live-trapped and relocated over 80+ raccoons. I average about 20 of these furry bundles of joy a year.

These raccoons just keep coming and coming and coming. They enjoy tearing the shingles off of our houses, ripping up the neighborhood dogs, terrorizing the neighborhood cats, and eating the animal food.

I am a retired senior citizen and am recovering from a heart attack and subsequent open-heart surgery. I am no longer able to drive these pesky raccoons 20 miles away & releasing them.

Therefore, if you can use them, you can have them. You can have all that I live-trap.

These critters really do belong on your farm or game preserve.

The Missouri Raccoon Trapping Season is November 15, 2010 to January 31, 2011.

Can you use some opossums? I get plenty of those too! Opossums can have up to 32 babies at one time!!! However, only about 18 can survive. 


    Candice said...

    We had a baby racoon when I was growing up. It was SO cute until it got big enoug to want to mate, then it got mean. Cooney had to go at that point.

    Paula said...

    Oh wow I didn't know opossums had that many young at one time.

    Lori said...

    I hope someone helps out that poor person! Eler Beth's 'possum, Clark, had 18 babies, and 7 of them survived.