Thursday, November 25, 2010

Obstacles to health

I mentioned here before how our family doctor yelled at us because of Cliff's weight gain.  It wasn't pretty.  One thing he mentioned was that Cliff's sugars have been elevated twice in the last several months.  "If you don't lose that twenty-five pounds," he told Cliff, "You're going to end up diabetic.  Do you want to have to start giving yourself shots?"
Cliff has actually lost four pounds since then.  But of course, a Thanksgiving meal lies ahead on Saturday, for us.
Yesterday his older brother called and invited us to their house for dinner today.
"Cliff," I said, "you simply can't have two Thanksgiving dinners.  One is bad enough."
So he told Phil we'd come over after dinner and see everybody.
Oh yeah, like that's gonna work.  Food will still be on the table and counters.  You think Mr. Will Power is going to pass it all by?
While Cliff's been on vacation these past few days, we've been experimenting with what will probably be our eating schedule when he retires.  Our big meal will be at noon (that's always been normal for us) and supper will be very light, maybe a bowl of cereal or a salad.  It's been working well.  
On the days he's working, we can't put this plan in operation; if I send him too light a lunch, he'll get hungry and hit the machines.  He has no will power when he's at work.  He seems to have a sign on his forehead that reads "feed me", because women are always bringing treats to him, and he says it's rude to refuse them.  
"Cliff, you think it's rude to tell people your doctor told you to lose weight because you could end up diabetic?"
"Well, there's always the fact that their cookies might taste good."
Obviously his co-workers don't care whether he lives or dies, as long as he'll eat their stuff.  I'm beginning to think he doesn't care, either.
Of course, I'm not losing weight either.  I'm not even trying to.  The doctor didn't yell at me now, did he?  
Yes, there is diabetes in my family; my mother died with only one leg intact:  Do you want to make something of it?


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

No one diets on Thanksgiving. I hope you all the feast and the company of family there. Happy Thanksgiving

Anonymous said...

Oh, I feel sorry for Cliff. This has to be one of the hardest things. :-) Well, it is for me! Good luck with that turkey and all those side dishes. Have a Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving with your family! Karen

Margaret said...

It's hard to lose weight this time of year! My mom is diabetic and diabetes also runs in my family. I run and try to eat correctly, but I don't intend to today. ;) Good luck on the diet.

Bookncoffee said...

Oh the people at work probably think they are "making him happy" with their goodies. I know b/c we all so this to each other at my place. We all know deep inside we all really want that cookie, or fudge, or donut. You are right, it IS hard. And we ALL need to be eating better. We are going to pay for it here! We've talked about it and are starting to get a little more lower fat foods, but we are no where in motion yet with this. Good luck to you. We ARE having two Thanksgivings. lol Really three, b/c we had one at work.

Lindie said...

My gastric bypass pretty much decided things for me. That and my quad heart bypass before that! I cook enormous amounts of food but I will just taste things and didn't even taste the deserts! They were probably very good! I send all the extras home with family members.

small farm girl said...

I can't really say anything. I have high blood pressure because of my weight. :(