Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Silly cows

Bonnie is so spoiled after being served bread every morning that she comes up bawling for it.  The bread is almost gone, so she's going to be making all that racket for nothing in a day or two.  

Cliff put a bale of hay in the small lot for them a couple of weeks ago, but they've only started eating it in the last couple of days.  There's still a lot of grazing out there, and they still spend plenty of time in the pasture.  We haven't give the horses access to hay yet; they're still fat and sassy, and once we put hay out for them they'll just stand in place and eat.  In fact, we'll likely just tear hay off the big bale and ration it out.  
Why must horses be such pigs?
Yesterday when Cliff and I went walking, Clyde was feeling playful.  He followed behind us, bucking and running and even letting out a staccato moo every once in awhile; we got a good laugh out of that, although it worried his mother.  I would loved to have gotten a video of his shenanigans, but, as happens with all youngsters, by the time I got the camera out he was done performing.  

We've been having decent weather.  Cliff and I even worked in a motorcycle ride Monday; he had to pick up some plowshares he'd ordered in a town about thirty miles away.  Temperatures were in the fifties, which makes for a cool ride, but it was nice to get out there on the bike.  Weathermen are talking a wintry mix for tonight, followed by a warmup this weekend.  

Cliff goes for a nuclear stress test at the cardiologist's office tomorrow at 8:45.  He's not to have any caffeine in the twenty-four hours before that, so he's asked me to wake him up at 7:30 this morning so he can have coffee.  That will give him an hour to enjoy his caffeine.  He'll need it, because he will only have had four and a half hours of sleep at that time.  He's off work now until the Monday after Thanksgiving, so he can take a nap today if he needs it.   
I'm loving our level-payments on propane and electricity.  The payments are the same year around, no surprises.  It's so much easier to budget.  

How's that for a random and uninspired entry?


Lindie said...

I had my nuclear stress test in September and it wasn't nearly so bad this time. Some new medication they are using. And I got good news too. My heart had improved!

Anonymous said...

random and tells me that cliff has a few days off work..he can relax and enjoy...and you are doing are the farm random maybe...but never uninspiried...God Bless...hugs..Ora

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

How nice Cliff is having some vacation time. Hope he does well though without his caffeine. I too pay the same for gas and electric all year. When you are working with a fixed income it's the best way to go.
Uninspired or not your pictures were so nice today. It's windy and cold here but yesterday's rain is clearing out and the sun may come out later on. I love ordinary days!

Helen said...

I bet Clyde looked cute running around like that. He is really growing up fast. I used to love to watch calves do that. I watched a live cam this am where some deer were doing that. Good luck to Cliff with his test. Ken is to have that done next month. Helen

Anonymous said...

I love your updates. It is fun to hear about Clyde and your motorcycle rides. Good luck to your husband. Karen

Paula said...

I love it when the calves kick up their heels and play. Good luck to Cliff.

small farm girl said...

We found out that horses will eat twice the amount that cattle do. You are right, they are pigs. lol. Good luck to Cliff.