Wednesday, November 10, 2010

What's so great about Direct TV?

I got a pleasant surprise once the guy hooked the satellite to the television. 
 I've cursed our expensive (to us) plasma TV ever since we got it because of a smudged, discolored area in the upper right-hand corner of the picture that was always there.  If we'd bought it anywhere but Sam's Club, I would have made somebody come and fix it.  
Now I find out the problem must have been with Dish, because that smudged area is gone.  I keep checking again to see if it's returned.  Nope, so far so good; the only smudged areas I see now are the spots of dog snot where Iris was attacking the dogs on Dog Whisperer.  The entire picture on my television is as clear as a bell.  
There's a bonus deal I'm still trying to get acquainted with that required the guy to put some kind of special router (I think that's what it is) and doing a little more wiring than he had expected; it lets us get some 4,000 movies and shows free, any time we want to watch them.  He wouldn't have bothered with this if I had not mentioned that the employee who sold me this package over the phone told me about it.  It was getting fairly late in the day, and when I started talking about this, I could see the disappointment on his face.  He went right to work on it, though, poor kid.  Even though he had to remove a section of skirting and crawl under the house.  
The picture on our TV is clearer, although I realize that's partly due to the high definition.  We had cancelled HD with Dish because it wasn't that much better than non-HD, and I had been paying extra for it.  
So I'm happy with the change so far; it'll take me time to get used to a different remote, but that's to be expected.   I like the fact that I can turn captions on or off by hitting one button.  Easy!  Even Cliff will be able to do it.  Oh, and I can record two programs at once and still watch TV on any channel.  Couldn't do that with Dish.  
I think I now have all the proper tools required to make me a total couch potato.

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Paula said...

Proper tools to make you a couch potato made me laugh. Maybe you'll be watching "The Newly Wed Game" and "Baggage" like John does.