Monday, November 01, 2010

Another one of those grim conversations

I was doing some online bill-paying this weekend when it occurred to me that Cliff would be in a state of confusion if I were to die:  I've "gone green" with most of my bills, so we don't even get a bill in the mail.  Poor Cliff wouldn't know when it was time to pay anything, or who to pay, for that matter.  
I told him this morning I was going to write down all bills and the phone numbers to call for each of them, starting with utilities.  He agreed it made sense and giving me a few things to add to the notes I was making for him, when he said, chuckling, "This is really funny... as if you're going to go before me."  
I guess he thinks just because he's had heart surgery, he's guaranteed to die first.  
"Cliff, I could croak any minute now.  You never know," I said, grabbing my chest, coughing, and reaching an arm toward heaven as if I was dying on the spot.    
So I've spent all morning writing down passwords he'll probably never use, but my daughter could always help him out with the online stuff if need be. 
Then I wrote down every bill we have to pay, explained what it was for (Cliff didn't know Century Link was the name of our phone company) and put beside it the phone number to call to get back to paper billing.   
Then he said, "How would I know where to find the notebook all this stuff is in?"  
Good point.  I must make sure to leave it in the same place all the time.   
Honestly, these are plans even young couples should make.
Death is no respecter of age.  


Barbara In Caneyhead said...

You're right Donna. And one would be too shell shocked and numb to care to look, search or call to find out these things.


Now if you could get my husband to do that for me???

Angela said...

I've tried to explain this very thing to my other half and kids, too. I spent last summer preparing a notebook that has everything in it from bill info to wills and put it in one designated spot. EVERYONE got the same "this is what everything is and where it's at" speech. I figure if at least one out of four can remember it, they'll be in good shape. :)

nerves05 (Nancy) said...

You are absolutely right. This past tuesday my mother had a doc appt. She had had some chest pains she blew off as indigestion the week before. I told her to make sure she told the doc's about it. They did an EKG and sure enough it came back abnormal. They sent her directly to the hospital. She had bypass surgery Wednesday. She had 2 bypasses and a stint put in as well and might have to have a pacemaker put in. She has a temperary one in at this time. But they are turning it off for a couple of days to see how she does and then decide of they will put a permanent one in. This was very sudden just as Cliff's was. No problems prior to this. It really makes you think.. Now i know how you felt Mrs Donna.

Lori said...

That is a good idea. There are things I should probably leave in a note for Thomas, too. If you have or lawyer who handles estate things for you, you could leave a copy with him/her, as well.

Anonymous said...

My Mom died right before her 62nd birthday & my father had never even written a check.
You are a smart lady to get this taken care of...just in case.

Rural Rambler said...

It is smart Donna! I used to do the bills when we first married but CH has been doing them a long time and I don't have a clue about what is going on with them. AND I am always telling him I am gonna go first cause of the heart stuff!

small farm girl said...

Good idea Donna! I mean, you never know.

Lindie said...

I can't tell you how many times I wished I could have an hour with my husband after he died, just so I could get answers!