Monday, November 15, 2010

In a slump

It happens every year, sometime in November.  A fog descends on my soul and I feel my way through it for several weeks.  
I hate that this happens to me, because at my age there aren't that many more days allotted to me; it's a shame to spend any of them in a fog.  
I'm sure I've suffered from S.A.D. all my life, although as a small child the prospect of Christmas gifts, candy, fruitcake, Christmas lights and assorted nuts kept it at bay.  After all, it was all about me and what I was going to receive.   
Later on, Christmas revived my spirits because we had two children who brightened up the season.  Then it came to the point where Christmas actually added to the depression because we were spending money we didn't have to buy things for people that they didn't need or even want.  We checked out of that, and now we've given up gift-giving altogether.   
I know there are special lights for people with seasonal depression to sit under, and that those are supposed to help; but because this is such a temporary thing, I muddle through.  I make a point of getting outside every day.  Sunshine does wonders.  The hot tub helps, too.   I normally don't try to call attention to my plight, and I don't talk much about it, even to Cliff, because it really does no good.  I know it will pass.  I'm not clinically depressed or suicidal.  
Farmville (on Facebook) diverts my attention.  I became bored with it last June and totally gave it up, but I'm once again a master farmer.  Right now I've started a co-op where people join me in raising rice and cranberries for sweet sake in my winery, and we're racing the clock going for the gold; I'm also seeking vehicle parts for a wonderful machine that will allow me to harvest my crops, plow the soil, and plant new crops in one click.  
I know.  I should get a life.  And I will, in a couple of months:  I'll be looking through seed catalogues and planning the garden; I'll be out with my camera, checking all the trees for buds.    
I'm taking this time to let my readers know that if my entries seem uninspired there is a reason.  I don't intend to mention S.A.D. here again, at least not until next year.   
My mood will start improving on New Year's Day: I love beginnings.     


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

This November is turning out a little different for this SAD sufferer. I've had a new little grandson to look after and I had a wonderful break with the weekend away and so far things are much better than usual. I'm hoping it stays that way. I hope yours is not so bad after all. You are right life is too short for SAD days. From now on I will refrain from saying anymore about it too.

ingasmile said...

I suffer from it too! But my suffering doesn't begin until the holiday's are over and the bitterness and darkness of January and February kick in. I hate those months of the year and could do without them completely.

At least we can all empathize with you.


Hyperblogal said...

The full-spectrum lights really do work... you sit in front of it (while you're online if you like) for 15-30 minutes a day... my neighbor lady uses it and it works wonders... the other thing is to keep getting regular exercise even on the cruddy days.

BlueRidge Boomer said...

Ohhhh Girl...i'm there with you! Mine starts when i leave work for the season and ends about March....


Michaele said...

It's all part of the yearly cycle. Try not to fight it or fear it, but acknowledge it (as you are) and examine it and live in these moments too, as they are all part of the gift of life. You don't have to be interesting and upbeat all the time, your readers are there with you through it all.
I preferred Farmtown myself, but don't do either anymore.

Mo Rage said...

I'm usually not affected in any way unless or until it comes to deep, dark and very cold January so sorry to hear it gets you this early.

The sun and fresh air help, for sure, but if it's dark, it's dark and there's not much you can do but push yourself, as you're doing, for sure, so good for you.

Lori said...

I go through this once in a while, but so far I haven't this year. I think because we haven't had many gloomy or rainy days yet. I hope yours passes very soon.

Anita said...

I've heard about the light. I think you should get it now.
I don't know your age, but hopefully you have many more years here on this earth, and will get much usage from it.

And I agree with Hyperblogal...keep moving your body. Maybe you have a friend that will come to get you for a walk.

Life is a gift.


Anita said...

Ps. I don't play farmville, but if it's entertaining...why not? :)

Margaret said...

I get down in November too- a lot of holiday stress,dark and rainy days, etc...Physical activity and good books help me; if Farmville works for you, go for it! :)

madcobug said...

I feel down in the dumps also. I hope we both feel better soon. Helen

ADB said...

November is not my favourite time of year either, but before you know where you are, New Year will be upon us.

Hollie said...

I'm sorry you are having a rough bout. I think we all do at some point when the days seem so long & drab.