Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Internet buddies and their gifts

When I was reading Midlife Mom's blog a couple of years ago, I saw a picture of a wall hanging she had made for a relative and I wanted one for myself.  I just had to have one!  So I asked if she ever sold these things, and she agreed to make one for me at what Cliff and I felt was a nominal price.  I have treasured this item ever since I received it, and it warms my heart to think that someone in the state of Maine put so much time and love into something that is so very "me".  I love the fact that she stitched our names on it.  That was a special surprise.  
Since that time, when I'm reading words written by any treasured Internet friend and they mention their knitting or crafting, I can hardly restrain myself from begging.  Sometimes I don't restrain myself.  Maybe it isn't begging if I tell them I want to buy an item, right?  But then they end up giving me an item, so I suppose it is begging.  
I met Mel  in Oregon on a message board, years ago.  She's had several blogs at various times; she has one now, but her entries are few and far between.  However, I keep in touch with her on Facebook.  She made the mistake of mentioning yarn, and I told her I wanted to purchase an item she had made.  Any item would do; it's just nice to have something tangible from someone you've never met in real life.  She kept forgetting to send my item, but finally it arrived.  
She suggested this would be good as a neck warmer when we ride the motorcycle in cold weather.  It's actually large enough that I could use it as a headscarf.  The thing is, I have something Melanie made.  Hey, we've been through a couple of message board wars together.  This picture doesn't do justice to the colors, by the way.  I first put it around my neck, held the camera at arm's length, and snapped a picture. But when I saw that wrinkled old lady in the picture I quickly deleted the shot.  And I didn't want to wait until Cliff got up to have him put a little distance on the photo.  
When I brought this in from the mailbox and opened the package, Iris went crazy sniffing it; she no doubt smelled Mel's cat.  Oh, there were no hairs on my gift, but you know dogs can smell a cat or another dog at quite a distance.   
The next person I bugged was Julia, in Pennsylvania.  I believe she started out on AOL journals, like I did.  She still blogs (Yarns and Tall Tales), and I also follow her on Facebook.  I told her I wanted to purchase an item, any item, something that wouldn't require a lot of effort on her part.  I'm sure she thought I was a crazy person.  But she came through with a hat.
This is perfect for this time of year.  Most of my stocking caps are too hot and heavy to wear on my walks unless the temperature falls below freezing.  I've worn this twice lately, and it was just right.  
Sometimes people send me gifts I didn't ask for.  I prize these as I do the other things I've mentioned, because here is something I can hold in my hands sent to me by a friend I've never met face to face.  
 There's the egg beater a reader sent me when my other one self-destructed.  I use it at least four times a week, and I think of Vicki when I use it.  You can find an entry about it HERE.  By the way, Cliff figured out my problem with self-destructing egg beaters:  They don't do well in the dishwasher.  Thank goodness he figured this out before I received this one, which has sentimental value. 
A couple in Texas saw that I missed the bubble lights of my childhood and went right out and bought a set for my Christmas tree.  

I got this surprise in the mailbox the other day, another thoughtful gift from Midlife Mom.  She knows Cliff is crazy about tractors.  
A reader who is also a Facebook friend messaged me there the other day:  she read in this blog that I had decided to stop subscribing to Reader's Digest.  It was time for her to renew her subscription, and Reader's Digest wanted her to choose someone to receive a free year's subscription.  She wanted my address so she could give that subscription to me.    
I wanted to do this entry to give you an idea what lovely people read my blog.  I get such nice comments here, and tons of support; I appreciate every one of you.  My readers are the best gift of all.


  1. You have quite a few thing that have been sent to you. Shows how well liked you are. Helen

  2. Vicki9:21 AM

    Aw, what a lovely, sincere post. That eggbeater was meant to be yours, your blog is a daily gift. Thank you. Vicki

  3. What a wonderful post! I followed Midlife Mom also. She's the best!

  4. Mel in OR5:49 PM

    Yay! I was just glad it made it through the mail. :)


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