Sunday, November 14, 2010

In the garden....

These late beets would have made it to the table by now if we'd had any rain.  This was an experiment anyhow, and it continues.  Will the beets grow after the rain we just got, even though we've had two hard freezes?  

The lettuce is just fine, still tasty.  Lettuce is not afraid of cold weather.  The late-planted carrots, on the left, also seem undaunted by the cold.  I pulled one, washed it off, and ate it; it was small, but good.  We'll see if the carrots go dormant for winter and then start growing in spring.  

This cabbage plant is actually making a head.  Notice the holes in the leaves?  What sort of bug or worm would be alive in this cold weather?  

The pasture Cliff seeded behind the house is green again.  Amazing, with so little rain.  When it was first planted we got gully-washers, so there are a lot of ditches washed in it.  

Cliff's sand-blasting stuff he intends to paint, later on.  Outside my window, sparrows and bluebirds avail themselves of the birdbath.  I love seeing the bluebirds; last year it was rare to see even one.  Now I sometimes see five at once bathing.  I think it must be the ones that used the bluebird house this summer.  
I'd think they'd freeze to death getting wet when the temperature is in the 30's.  


Bookncoffee said...

Send some cold weather our way so I can get in the mood to do some shopping with some Christmas spirit. lol.
Glad you still have a small section of garden growing. That is great.

Lori said...

Eler Beth sat outside this morning for a while watching the squirrels and birds eating the wild feed we put out for them. She saw some little blue birds that she didn't know what they were.

zztop357 said...

I think the beets will go ahead and produce. I think they can stand the cold weather.
I wish we had more rain here. I still can't get my tomato hoops up. The ground is hard as a rock. I'm in NE Arkansas Donna.Our daughter lives in Mountain View so we go there a lot. They've had a lot more rain than we did.
Hope you enjoy the veggey's!!!

Lisa said...

I am learning about late plantings from your posts. I have found anything we can harvest from our veggie garden to be very helpful with the grocery bill so I'm interested to hear how this goes.

Cliff said...

The beets would have been eaten to the ground by the deer around these parts. We usually do a lot of spinach, late season. Works great and sometimes the volunteer will do a crop early the next spring.
We finally got 2.75" of rain two days ago. Needed it but the roads are a mess. Not to big of a deal but I'm on the county board.

Calfkeeper said...

I am still getting turnips and mustard greens. The collards didn't survive the heat this summer, but they'd still be producing too if I'd planted them again.

I'd have winter radishes too, but we've eaten them all.

It beats me, but we have bug holes in our turnip greens too. Tough little buggers.