Saturday, November 20, 2010


When I started watching for birds around here, I seldom saw bluebirds.  I started reading about them and asking at the wild bird stores, and found out they don't eat seeds; they eat berries and mealworms, and they love birdbaths.  My daughter happened to have an extra birdbath, so I was in business.  I just can't force myself to buy mealworms.  I've had enough times in my life when those little pests got into my cupboard and ruined everything, from popcorn to oatmeal.  Yuck.  They're hard to get rid of, once they get a foothold.  
Year before last I saw an occasional lonely bluebird at the birdbath.  Last spring, I bought a bluebird house and had Cliff put it atop a fence post for me.  
We kept killing baby sparrows that hatched in it, but toward the end of summer, bluebirds finally took possession and hatched out some babies.  I was ecstatic!  
Bluebirds are supposed to migrate, although they sometimes don't leave until November; they start returning in February, which makes me wonder why they bother to leave at all.  
Anyway, it seems that the family of bluebirds that hatched in the bird house is still hanging around.  If I see one or two bluebirds in the bath, I have only to look around nearby and I'll see the rest of them.  There are five altogether, and they're always within sight of one another.  They spend a lot of time bathing, and also hanging out at the bird house, perching atop it or nearby on the fence.  
I mentioned on Facebook that my bluebirds ought to be going south soon, and one of my Tractor Tales buddies told me he has a pair of bluebirds that stay there year 'round.  
Oh, I can only hope!  
Of course, this makes me wonder what they eat this time of year, since I was told they only eat insects and worms.  One website says they eat berries and fruits.  
I'll bet when they get desperate enough, they eat seeds.    
So, I now have bluebirds that call this place home; maybe one day I'll even find a bluebird on my windowsill.  


DianeLynn said...

So happy for you. I believe the changes in the environment has an affect on the true nature of birds etc. That is why we all are experiencing changes in their natural habits. Enjoy and hope you can get some pics for us to see. :)

Anonymous said...

I'd sure rather eat seeds than mealworms. ~Mary

Midlife Mom said...

We have bluebirds once in a while but not often enough for me. Can you put fruit out for them? I'm not going the meal worm path either, did that when Son had his iguanas. They loved them, yuck~

Glad Cliff got through his test fine! Always reason for giving thanks.

My doctor told me that I should be taking vitamin D in the wintertime as I get so much of it all summer then am cooped up in the house in the winter. I'm going to give that a whirl.

Been getting my FIL settled back here after being in the Boston area for three weeks. His hip is doing well but he is in no way ready to be alone. His daughter will be here until after Thanksgiving so don't know what the plan is after that. He's being a poop and won't wear a Life Line bracelet. Probably my kids will be saying the same thing about me some day.

Adirondackcountrygal said...

I hope the sparrows you are referring to are those nasty house sparrows!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

The blue birds of happiness always comes to my mind when I hear about them. We do have the in Ohio but I never see them at home or at the camper. You are blessed to have them there at your house. They are beautiful!

Donna. W said...

The only kind of sparrow I know is the English sparrow.

Jon said...

I've only seen a few bluebirds here in West Texas. When I lived in Missouri, the birds I liked most were the cardinals. My yard was always filled with them.

Ms Martyr said...

I don't know if you'd want to invest the money but there are freeze dried mealworms available. Not quite as nasty as the live ones.

Lori said...

Maybe you're just south enough in MO that they figure there's no sense in going any further. You've made them quite a comfortable home right there.