Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I ordered my Nook ereader

I wanted to wait awhile longer, but here's what was happening.  
Nook introduced the Nook Color edition, which costs $100 more than the basic Nook.  
I thought how wonderful it would be to read magazines on this reader and be able to see the pictures in color.  I wanted it, but when I'd mention it, I didn't get any go-ahead signals from Cliff.   
The more I looked at the Nook Color model, the more it reminded me of an Ipad, except that the Ipad does more things.  A lot more things.  
So I went to the Apple website and drooled over the Ipad.  Wow, it's just like a computer, only shaped differently.  The cheapest one is $499.  You actually could buy a laptop for that price.  
I don't need an Ipad, but I really, really started wanting one.  I didn't even bother to run this option past Cliff, because it made no sense.
Dave Ramsey tapped me on the shoulder a few times and told me I didn't need any of these toys.  He accused me of having "stuffitis".    
All I originally wanted was an ereader.  
This morning, with Cliff in bed sound asleep, I went to the Barnes and Noble site and ordered a Nook, the basic one.  Not 3G, not color.  The reader I wanted in the first place.  You see, if I fooled around any longer looking at all these deluxe toys, I'd be liable to end up with something I don't need, and that we really don't have money set aside for.  
I had my friend Astaryth giving me tips through this journey:  
"Donna... unless you want to read magazines, the basic Nook is just fine. Be aware that the color one uses the LED screen instead of e-ink. E-ink is easier on your eyes and easier to read outside... although the LED screen has the advantage of being able to be read in the dark. I have the 3G version because I don't always have access to wi-fi and I don't read magazines on mine.  
Be aware that the I-pad does NOT allow library checkouts. Also, B&N has as many if not more free books as Amazon and you don't have the keyboard at the bottom."   

The only reason I chose Nook over Kindle was the fact that my library can lend books to me by way of the Nook; Kindle is not compatible with the library.  Library books are free.  Free is good (right, Dave Ramsey?).  
Now, here's hoping I can figure out how to use my Nook when it arrives.


Rural Rambler said...

Congratulations! You will love it Donna. I love my nook. I do have the 3G/wi-fi because we already had Linksys and it does help with downloading and shopping out here in the boonies. But I could have done fine without either. I loaded my 1.5 update and my pages are flying and I love the new shelf thingie. You will have no problem figuring out your Nook!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I've so many real books at my house right now thanks to neighbors and relatives that it'll be awhile before I go to any reading device. You'll have to let us know how you like it.

Helen said...

I love my Sony reader. I know that you will like this one. Helen

Astaryth said...

Yeah!!!! And, when it arrives let me give you a tip. It is pretty easy to set up, but if you have a B&N nearby, take it in and have them do the set up for you. They have people there that do the set-ups every day, so they just fly thru it :)

As for using it, there are 2 'how to' books already loaded on that you can read AND you know you can always contact me. If I don't know, I'll find out.

Rural Rambler is right, before the update the page turn time was fine, but now? It's really quick. And, the shelves are great, now that I have them set up. It took me a little bit, I had quite a few books on mine between free books from other places and the ones from B&N. I -still- don't have a paid book on mine... I actually feel a little guilty because I have a $25 gift card just sitting there on my account :)

Margaret said...

I want an ipad, but really don't need one. I'd like the reader capabilities(although I'd have to check them out better) and the portable laptop style. However, the price is still above my range and since I use my public library, it would only be for traveling back and forth to NYC to visit my daughter.

Paula said...

My granddaughter showed me her nook over the week-end. Wow did we ever not think of such things in the future when we were young?

Lindie said...

Maybe I'll just go ahead and buy the Nook. I can download free books from other than the library for now.

Angela said...

Yep, the library feature is pretty much what has settled it for me. I'm like you... just keep it simple and stick to what I need. Congrats!

Rachel said...

Never heard of this new gadget before, but I have heard of Kindle. Hope you enjoy it!

I love your header and the poem! Very nice!!

Lori said...

Sounds like a wise decision! I look forward to seeing how well you like it, so I can decide if I want one and which one I want!

Lindie said...

Just had a brainstorm! Maybe I could join a library that allows Nook downloads until my library starts doing it. Is yours in Richmond or Lexington?

Donna. W said...

Lindia, I left a message on your wall on Facebook.

Fernan said...

Nook, Kandle, Ipad, stuffitis, compatible library?????
Am I glad I looked in here. Now, I've got something else to bug my mind all day.
Isn't Enet wonderful.
Bah hum bug......