Friday, July 13, 2007

going barefoot

I have loved going barefoot all my life. People have been amazed to see my barefoot tracks through snow a few times. Mud, cow manure, rocks... nothing stopped me, or really bothered me. Shoes were for wearing to Church, school, shopping, and so forth. The first thing I did when I walked in the door was slip off my shoes. Even as a youngster I was the source of many family jokes, because I refused to wear shoes.

Until a couple of years ago, that is, when I developed plantar fasciitis, known to some as heel spurs. Suddenly, going without shoes hurt like crazy, and I couldn't wait to put on my shoes with specially-made inserts in them. It was the only way to stay pain-free. Later on, both my big toes started hurting too, when I was shoe-less; and the inserts relieved that pain also.

I sure did miss the freedom of going barefoot in the cool grass.

Then this past spring, because it was muddy outside and I didn't want to get my shoes dirty, I went out barefoot. I was taking pictures with my digital camera and also playing with the dog, and after about forty-five minutes, I realized my feet didn't hurt anywhere. Until I came back inside the house, and then within five minutes I was washing my feet so I could hurry and put my shoes-with-inserts on.

I started experimenting, and this is what I've found: As long as I'm walking on grass or dirt, I can go barefoot all day if I choose. I've started leaving my shoes behind when my husband go for our daily walk in the pasture. No pain.

It's like a gift: I can go barefoot again where it really matters... outside.

I really don't understand why, but I'll take any gift I can get. Thank You, God!


Toni. said...

I love to go barefoot too, Donna. And my citified neighbors look at me like I'm nuts. I say, keep lookin' because "these foots were made for walkin'." LOL.

BarnGoddess said...

plantar fasciitis is VERY painful!

I am happy you discovered you can go barefoot again!

I am always barefoot during the summer inside my house but when it cools off, out come the socks.

I am tenderfooted, I dont not venture far off the grass if I go out barefoot.

and you right, nothing like the feeling of cool green grass between the toes!

Midlife Mom said...

What a nice surprise that you can go barefoot again! I LOVE to go barefoot and always did until my old feet decided to act up. I got that same thing in my feet and it sure does hurt. I'm with you though, I can go on the grass all day and be fine! :0) Standing on cement floors are the worst like at the mall.

boardster said...

Hi Donna,
I just discovered your blog and this entry.
I am what most would consider an extreme barefooter.
My wife and I live in one of the large northern industrial cities of the U.S., and we go barefoot absolutly everywhere year round, using shoes only for extended periods outside during the dead of winter.
We both have always loved going barefoot, so have just stretched the limits as much as we could until we reached the stage of confidence to reserve footwear for frostbite protection only.
Two years ago I also became aflicted with plantar fasciitis.
As you can imagine, I was quite saddened with the prospect of orthotics and shoes.
I was told that there was still an alternative, that of proper stretching of the plantar fascia.
I started the routine, using baseballs of different sizes and hardnesses, and after 3 months was able to return to walking barefoot on any surface, including ten mile strolls through paved city streets.
There is hope, and all it takes is daily stretching EVERY SINGLE MORNING!
My wife and I are members of The Society for Barefoot Living,
( )
There, we have found out that we are not alone in our quest for barefoot everywhere life, and the medical research to back up the claims for better health through shoelessness is readily available.
I strongly recommend that you check out the website, and join (membership is free).
If you have any questions regarding barefoot everywhere life, plantar fasciitis, or the SBL, feel free to contact me.

Desculţ Dinu said...

- The greatest pleasure of mine in this life is to be BAREFOOT. Perhaps it was given to me as a gift from God. I like to feel the earth under bare feet, to feel the warmth of the sun, the hot of summer, the moisture of the rain, the raw of the grass green loaded dew, the fluffy snow. Going barefoot, I feel more close to our mother, the Nature. This is my way of saying: "My dear Mother Nature, I love you!" :)
Dinu -

Barefoot Mick said...

Hello Donna. Barefoot Mick here from Lamp Lake. My partner is a Massage Therapist. She was flat footed until she started by first wearing Merrell Pace Gloves, and then finally going barefoot. After a month she said something was going on as her plantar facia muscles hurt. She began rolling her foot on a frozen water bottle. This gave relief.

Well, now for the rest of the story. She noticed her wet foot prints had developed an arch. Yahoo! Now, she is a big fan of going barefoot while at the same time encouraging her clients to do like wise.

Barefoot Mick said...

Try rolling a frozen water bottle under foot for pain relief. My partner is a Massage Therapist who was flat footed until she began going barefoot. Now, she encourages her clients to check out the barefoot life.